Curious About Perineum Massage

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Jenn... - May 4

Is there anyone here that has done Perineum massage? Did it work in preventing tearing? My childbirth educator recommended using olive oil, but I am hesitant to use it down there? Anyone ever used olive oil or some type of oil. I have that typical lubricants are water based and will not be effective. I want to prevent tearing, but am hesitant....please advise, thanks!


Jane - May 4

Hi, I have heard good and bad things about that. Once you stretch that muscle it will never go back to before, not even with kegels. I had a friend who did it and now she says she has almost no sensation when she has intercourse with her husband. I was going to tear and they cut me instead and sewed it up when the baby was out. I did not feel the cut at all. I did not loose any tightness after that and s_x seems the same now as before I was pregnant.


Staci - May 4

I have heard very good things about it. ITs worth a shot. You are supposed to start a few months prior to delivery. I would sue KY or some safe lubricant, not olive oil. For the delivery you can use towels too. Especially if done with warm ginger water. You dont need olive oil. For the delivery itself, use the ginger water tp relax the muscles. simply Get a low temp crock pot and put in some fresh ginger and clean water. Use some washcloths to wet the area and warm the muscles. Anyway, it will stretch the opening out so it is less likely to rip. Many people I know have not ripped and have had the area go back to normal after the baby, I disagree with Jane on that one. :)


worried - May 5

my mum told me about the chances of tearing, she teared while giving birth to my little sister and she said she has never felt the same down there, that they didnt sew her back up right... that makes me worried


tehProgamer - May 5

errrr, what is perineum? what part is that? can someone please enlighten me >_<



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