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Carol - May 16

I really have no desire to see the birth of my child and I definitely don't want my husband to look at my tooty in all its glory as I am pushing out my little watermelon. Can they put up a half curtain type thing so that I can see the faces of the nurse by not see down there? I want my DH at my head so that he won't see either. Also, if I did happen to poo, my husband would never let me live it down if he knew. If there was a curtain there, they could take it away and he nor I would never know it (I hope!!)


jena - May 16

I can see how you feel - I'm 11 weeks with twins and petrified about birth! But I know my husband won't want to be looking - he'll be at my head. You could probably ask for a curtain, but then you won't see anything - like at a c-section, and you need to see the nurses and doctor to know when to push and everything. I'd opt for just telling your husband that you'd like him to be at your head and you honestly probably won't care once you are in the far stages of labor! There is so much coming out that nurses are wiping up, you really won't know if you poop or not - and hubby won't either if he's by your head. Just give him instructions :)


Kaz - May 16

It might seem gross to lose a bit of poop but it's natural, it's childbirth. I expect that if you try to refrain from pooing you'll not be pushing properly and will tear. Just let it be, the docs and midwives have seen it all before. When we went to antenatal cla__ses the midwife told us that they see it as a good indication that you are pushing properly. As far as the curtain, I reckon the midwife will have to push my other half out of the way so they can see what's going on. His Mum had a Goat stud and he's helped goats kidding, as long as he doesn't compare me to a goat he's safe. I've warned him too, and that I am not Kidding ;o)


Jodie - May 16

I never had a curtain with my kids and didnt see anything until i actually sat up and looked, with my daughter it wasnt until she was out fully but i looked at my son when his head was out as they were shoving tubes down his throat and up his nose, he had opened his bowels before being born and the midwives had to make sure he didnt breathe in any mec


>>> - May 17

carol...i dont mean to make fun of you by any means, because i am just as shy as you, but to be honest while giving birth, you will be experiancing one of the most intense pains than you have ever felt before, and i really believe at that time a sheet will be the last thing on your mind. good luck.


m - May 17

Actually Carol, if you have an epidural, the pain isn't as severe as <<< describes, but you'll more or less be pushing like crazy, straining your a** off (literally!) and maybe you'll just be like "who cares who sees what, just get this baby out!! " ; ) They gave me an enema while I was dilating, so I didn't worry about the poo. And your family members probably don't want to look at your "tooty" either, so perhaps DH can just make a deal to stay by your side, rather than head on with the doc/nurse. The curtain they usually use during a c-section, so maybe they can do that with you, but you probably won't care about no curtain during that time. You're just worrying right now. If hubby saw you poo and made fun of you later, well ask him what his b___t would do if it had poop in it while HE were delivering a baby!


>>> - May 17

k so maybe 'intense' wasnt the right word to use...however, it is pain like you havent ever experianced before, and there really is no way to describe it, but as i said before, i can understand how you feel, but i dont think that you will be worried about it at that point...good luck to you, and also congratulations on your pregnancy and starting your new family.


Jen - May 17

You can't even see anything wiyh your belly in the way anyway. And if you do poop the nurse grabs it with a glove faster then he can see it. Just keep him at your head so you can squeeze his hand. Seriously you won't even be thinking of a sheet at the time. Good luck!


m - May 17

>>>, yeah you're right though! It is a pain that is unforgettable, but after I got my epidural, shew! I thought, ok, maybe now I WILL be able to push this baby out. Before that, I thought how in the world do women have children like this??? This is so painful! All I could think about was the pain. Pain pain pain! OMG, my hair was in a rats nest! But then the epidural came, and I was so relieved and able to deliver while breathing and more calmness. I still have the images in my mind when my little girl was in my doctors hands and given to me on my chest. It's a wonderful vision worth all the pain. My mother was in the delivery room with me, and she stood head on. I kinda remember thinking "oh please don't stare" but I really didn't care at that point. When she had her children she was out cold for every single one of them! 5 kids! So seeing a live birth gave her an opportunity to see what she missed!


D - May 17

I'd be worried it would get in my way, or in the pain of the moment, I'd end up pulling down who knows what on top of my head. I don't figure I'll see much anyway! Its not like I can look at myself down there too well even without a belly in the way.


KJ - May 17

Carol, I promise, all of things went through my mind before the birth of my son. And guess what... IT ALL goes out of the window when you are giving birth. I was horrified at the tought of people gazing at my bottom!!!. The nurse even asked me if I wanted to use the mirror during labor, and I replied "no way." This was before I started pushing. But then came all the heavy contractions and then the Blessed Epidural... What a wonderful thing. The pain went and I actually ENJOYED the delivery. I know that sounds really strange. Don't get me wrong, it was still very hard, but I was wonderful. And guess what, the nurse got the mirror out. B/c I had no feeling below my waste, I could not feel how to push. With the mirror I could see what type of pushing was really accomplishing something. AND I got to see my son come out. But my husband never moved from by my head.. he never looked once. The blood freaked him out. All of that to say, somehow nature kicks in during delivery, and all modesty goes out of the window... I still can't believe I said yes to the mirror, but I am so glad I did. And by the way, if I pooped, I never knew it or saw it even with the mirror. The wipe you alot while you are pushing, so you don't even notice it. Don't worry, you will be fine!!!! But I really don't think you will want a curtain. It will most likely make you feel closed off and you will be kind of sitting up, crunching while you are pushing.. I don't think there would be room for one. Relax.. you will be fine, and I promise, you won't care about all of that stuff when the time comes.


Carol - May 17

Thanks everyone for the words of wisdom/advice. I know everyone tells me that I won't care, but I think that I will. I am very modest.....I have never even peed in front of my DH. We don't even share a bathroom, Having seen a birht from that end - I am totally grossed out and can't imagine it happening to me. I know that I will just want the baby out, but why didn't God make it a nice thing?? I guess I will just have to wait until the big day, but I am still hoping they can put something there so I don't see it....I know many people don't agree, but I would almost rather have a c-section even though the recovery is worse. I am also not an emtional person, so I don't see birth as some glorious event, I am worried that I won't even cry after the baby arrives and the nurses will probably look at me as if I am cold hearted. I am just weird that way. Before I got married I cried at every wedding I saw - even on tv. Not a tear in the house the day I got married...Ahhhh I just wish the pg thing was over - I feel terrible!


KJ - May 17

Carol, I've been there!!! Wanting that baby out. I too, (and it is unbeleivable based on my previous post) am very modest. You WILL BE FINE... =) I promise. And don't worry about not crying. I didn't cry when I had my son. and I also had a touch of depression afterwards. I wasn't sad, but I remember thinking... "aren't I supposed to be happier than this?" Not many mom's talk about it, because they are ashamed. But it clears up... All this to say, don't freak out about how you are feeling, no matter what it is. Your hormones are going bonkers and they will continue to do so afterwards. Who cares what the nurses think!!! AND I PROMISE... .You won't care at the time. Especailly during contractions. Things will come out of your mouth that you never thought you would, or could say (do you remember that scene from 9 months? I laugh when I think about it) and don't feel bad about kicking people out of the delivery room. I had to kick them out except for my mom and my husbad when contractions kicked in pretty good. And only my husbad was present during delivery. Best wishes sweetheart!!!


D - May 17

I am a pretty modest person myself... the thing is, our husbands got us pregnant in the first place (I'm betting on that since immaculate conception is a pretty rare thing...) and that isn't exactly a super modest process... so them seeing the birth of their child really isn't such a big deal in my mind. I'm more worried about all the nurses etc. Especially since I work in the hospital I will deliver in... so I KNOW these people! Also, I don't like a bunch of people around when I'm in pain, and who knows who I'll order out of the room. I think that the less I worry about that part of birth, the better off I'll be!


Julie - May 17

At that point you really don't care! You just want to get the baby out. If you are that concerned have your husband sit at your head.



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