Cute Ways To Share Baby News

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Colleen - October 5

I want to make a big deal about telling family about baby. Any ideas. Please share yours; )


Steph - October 5

I have never done this, but I have always thought it would be kinda cute...if you plan on telling both your familes at the same time (provided they both live in the same town as you guys) you could have them all over for dinner one night and serve "baby back ribs" "baby corns/with a veggie tray for dipping along with baby tomatoes". Then at the end of the dinner, ask if anyone could tell that there was a would be fun to watch people try and guess....just an idea!!


Beth S. - October 5

i wasnt very creative. it was christmas day and everyone was talking amongst themselves when i yelled really loud, HEY GUYS. when they looked at me i yelled IM PREGNANT


Beth S - October 5



*Susan* - October 5

Well, I told my husband by buying a bear that said "I love my daddy" and a pacifier...I wrapped it up along with the digital test that said pregnant and let him open it when he got home from work! It was great! I told my family over the phone b/c I was so freakin excited...I only get to see them about once a month.


Steph - October 5

I suppose I really don't understand why it's such an issue that she wants to share her baby news to her family? It's a really exciting time in someone's life and if this is her first child, what's the problem with doing something different? Maybe this is going to be the first grandchild or maybe a grandchild that the grandparents are actually going to be able to see due to where they live...


Steph - October 5

I can see what you mean by that, but sharing the news with her family is waaayyy different than acting like she's something special and being rude to people in general. Also, take into consideration people who are not pregnant and act like a__ses all the time!!


my 2 cents - October 5

'family' are usually the people that get annoyed the most. they hear about it all the time and have to act like its as big a deal to them as it is to the mom to be.


Steph - October 5

I think in the beginning there's tons of excitment for the family, but your right, after a while it get's kinda old and most people don't want to hear about all your pregnancy you can't seem to take a s**t, celluliate, I get what your saying!!


klm - October 5

I can't believe all of the mean-spirited answers in here. My family is always thrilled when someone announces that they are pregnant, we harbor no ill-feelings towards them. Colleen, I am sure you will come up with something special!


Beth S - October 5

actually the reason i told everyone like that is because they were all waiting for me to get preggo but i dont know why im explaining this to such a rude person.


J - October 5

Beth I was not meaning you. I prefer your way over the creative cheese ball types. I meant that for colleen bc she said she wanted to make a big deal out of it. Get over yourself already. Just tell people. Nobody needs the theatrics. It just is not that big to the rest of the world.


Beth S - October 5

oh ok sorry


YOU SUCK - October 5

Some of you seem to have no feelings for others at all. Colleen didn't come here to listen to you complain and put people down. This site isn't for pregnant people, or anyone else to have an excuse to be a b___h! I thought this site was for people to help and guide, and become friends. On just about every thread I've read some of you have done nothing but suck! How can someone make another's happy news seem so miserable? Aren't you all happy about your pregnancys? If not, you need to just go to a pregnancy crisis center. You should be happy to tell others your great ideas, and show that you have intellegence and joy. "Big deal. Someone else is pregnant!" It is a big deal to a lot more that you realize.


Colleen - October 5

Wow. I wanted to have fun with this and share excitement. I feel sorry for those who can not relate to that. I am the last of my family to have a baby and I have been thrilled when my sisters and brothers have announced their great news. Thanks to those of you for your the rest, I hope you find your own happy event one day! Move on rather than put people down.


HH - October 6

Okay- back to the question... I like the idea of giving each person a little gift "Grandma Loves Me" socks or a bib for each person. If you are far away, send a pair of booties and a note that says"We'll be filling these in June, Congratulations, Gramma, Auntie..."


mama-beans - October 6

OK, here's my plan.... if I'm still not showing by then... At our annual december family gathering, when we all exchange gifts and the 2 grandbabies are opening their haul, I will gift my niece ( my sister is pregnant 3 weeks ahead of me.. she already announced it) with a fun shirt that says " Big Sister". Then, when it is my daughters turn, she will get a similar type shirt..... will be such fun! Also, My sister announced her pregnancy by taking a picture of her positive test result and turning it into greeting cards... mailing them out to all who she wanted to know!



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