Cute Ways To Share Baby News

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mama-beans - October 6

OK, here's my plan.... if I'm still not showing by then... At our annual december family gathering, when we all exchange gifts and the 2 grandbabies are opening their haul, I will gift my niece ( my sister is pregnant 3 weeks ahead of me.. she already announced it) with a fun shirt that says " Big Sister". Then, when it is my daughters turn, she will get a similar type shirt..... will be such fun! Also, My sister announced her pregnancy by taking a picture of her positive test result and turning it into greeting cards... mailing them out to all who she wanted to know!


Michelle - October 6

Colleen, I don't care if it's the first or last baby, babies are wonderful exciting events! Everyone is different in what they prefer to do, but for those that like to be creative, I think it's great! I have a sister in law who just sent pics of her 2 year old and the last picture in it had a picture of him with a shirt that said "I'm going to be a big brother." I thought it was cute. So when we became pregnant recently, we sent out homemade sc___pbook like cards that kind of looked like a picture frame, and in the frame we typed: Picture of Baby (our last name) #2 to be here approximately by or before June 15th. I think it's fun! Good luck. Let us know what fun idea you decide to do.


Gemma - October 16

I am TTC but when I do eventually become pregnant I want to make a big deal out of telling everyone and why not? I will probably wait until we go out for a family meal or a day out with everyone there and then stand up and give the announcement. Noone will be expecting it so it will be great.


me - October 16

My brother broke the news to my mom on her birthday by giving her a happy birthday grandma card after all had the cake. Just be careful because my cousin was triyng for a year and no one knew. When mom opend the card and they announced it, my cousin broke into tears because she was trying for so long and they just got pregnant in 2 months. That is not the norm though so I would make a big deal of it!! I personally don't like giving the pee stick to someone. I think it is kind of gross myself. Maybe take a picture of it instead and frame it for the fam.


Robbin - October 23

I sent my mother and mother-in-law Congratulation ballons at work and then on the note told them they were going to be grandparents


amyk - October 23

when we told our parents, we set up a "family dinner" at a resturaunt, and I went a few hours early and asked the hostest to wrap the rattles I had bought in the napkins they normally give out with the silverware. We all went, and they all were given the napkins. It seemed like it took forever for them to figure it out, but they finally did, and it was a wonderful surprise fore everyone!!!!


? - October 24

Some really great ideas, think I'll consider some for myself, thanks everyone for sharing. Good luck Colleen with your announcement, I'm sure everyone will be very happy for you. CONGRATULATIONS :)


karine - October 24

have any of you guys saw the A&W commercial??? the way the couple announces the BIG news? LOL hubby and i think its so cute. Here for any of you that havnt.....son/Gf/mom/dad goes to eat, and dad orders. papa burger and mamma burger for themselves and take teen burger for son and GF. and son offers for them to sit and he will bring it. he comes back with food and he gives his dad "grandpa burger" and his mom "grandma burger" and he buys himself mama burger and pappa burger. LOL the dad looks confuse, but the mom gets it...they hug LOL


Lumina - October 24

Hi Colleen. I recently just told my parents that we were going to have a baby this past saturday. We were over to their house for dinner for my brothers birthday (which is today). I made a card that said Congratulations on the front, and on the inside I said, you're going to be an uncle. I glued a picture of the ultrasound in there too. You should have seen the look on his face, and my mom's. He is so excited to be an uncle. It isn't about being the centre of attention, it's about being creative and telling your family in a way they will never forget. It is a huge milestone in all of our lives and I feel it is neat to be creative about it. each their own.


Waited - October 24

How about waiting until you know the baby's gender, then send out e-cards (or regular cards, or just tell them in person) telling " He's on HIS way"? That's fun because then you can let people know the gender and that you're preg. all at the same time. It's really fun to get people's reactions that you're pregnant, and that far along, and knowing what you're having all at the same time. People are really shocked!


andi - October 24

I really like the commercial on tv, where the girl comes back from shopping and asks her husband if he wants to see the shoes that she bought and she brings out the little baby ones... I just love that, it is soo cute.


jessica - October 24

Colleen, I know your not going to be able to wait this long but what my aunt and uncle did was cute. On christmas day they gave a little present to their parents each to open and inside was a picture of the baby's ultrasound in a picture frame that said that's our baby. It was a cute idea. I did not do anything fun like that because I could not wait to tell ANYONE I was bad. But good luck to you!!!


Ryan - October 25

Hey there, I mooched this idea from someone else on another site (unsure which one???). You can go online and get fortune cookies personally made, which is what I did (about $30-40 for 15 or so). The fortune cookies are normal, except they are dipped in white chocolate, with pink and blue teddy bear sprinkles. Inside, the fortunes read (and this is good if you don't know the baby's s_x, which is our case), "Tiny Fingers, Tiny Toes, Boy or Girl, no one knows!" I think we'll take the parents out to Chinese the night we announce our pregnancy, and I will have the servers bring out the cookies at the end of the meal (like they always do). Unsure if people will get it right away by the pink and blue teddy bear sprinkles, but they'll most definitely get it once they read their fortunes!!! Ryan


Michelle - October 27

My mother loves to quilt. So for our first pregnancy, I wrapped up a quilt book full of baby quilt ideas. As soon as my mom opened it she understood, it took my dad a minute or two. Looks like I'll be sharing news this Thanksgiving too (yeah!!) and since I normally bring flowers to my parents I think I'll put a baby rattle in the bouquet with the due date written on the rattle. (I saw that idea on another web site somewhere).



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