Cutting The Umbilical Cord

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r_designstudent - October 16

hi everyone, im a design student from Goldsmiths College, London. I'm currently doing a project on the subject of Birth and investigating the symbolisms surrounding the cutting the umbilical cord. I understand that most hospitals don't allow parents to cut their child's umbilical cord due to health and safety reasons. However, if you could, would you choose to cut the cord yourself? Or your partner? Would this have a significant meaning to it, such as giving life to your baby or like a celebration of the beginning of your baby's life? I would really appreciate it if you could kindly take the time to answer my questions above. Many thanks, Rosann


tallytally - October 23

I've never really thought about it but i didnt realise they didnt let you because of health and safety reasons. Now i've heard that though its made me think that maybe my partner might actually want to do it, (even if it was just because they initially said he couldnt lol). Its nice i think for the partner to do it because obviously the conception was a joint effort and when the woman has just gone through the labour maybe cutting the cord means the partner can then feel included again :D


DownbutnotOUT - October 23

Me and my hubby had 4 children and he cut the cord on everyone except for my 2nd child I believe and it still bothers both of us that he didnt. My hubby didn't because I teased him how emotional he got after our first and he cried he was trying to be all manly, I have no idea wtf he was thinking. Anyway we both regret it. For me I gave birth to our child and when he cut the cord for me it symbolized him completing the birth of our child.


tallytally - October 24

That was what i was trying to get at but i just rambled :D x


longlashz - October 25

hey i live up north in england, n we have been told we are allowed too if we choose to, my hubby is thinking about it and would like to do it. midwives said alot of men say no before hand but when the time comes they want to be part of it. i think it is a nice way of ending the prgnancy within the family, u know we started the conception process, or shall i say he let the sperms in and now he is finishing it makes sense.



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