Cyst On Ovary In Early Pregnancy

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Key - November 18

I had a stabbing pain on my right side this past sunday morning and the dr said that it was probably a cyst that ruptured. He said that a cyst forms on your ovary until the placenta is fully formed and then disappears, which sometimes could feel like a stabbing pain. Has anyone else every heard of anything like this?


Cathy - November 18

I too have a cyst on my ovary (left). I am 21 weeks, and it has not disappeared. In fact it is growing. My doctor is not that concerned, but she did say that some of the cramping/pressure I have been feeling is caused by this. Have you had an u/s to confirm that it has indeed ruptured?


L - November 18

I have two cysts on my left ovary. Right now they are only 10mm and 15mm so my Dr isn't concerned about them but during my first trimester they were 2.5 cm each. I posted a simliar question here when I first discovered by cyst. One person told me that she miscarried her baby because the cyst grew so large it suffocated her baby at 16 weeks. She said her cyst was about the size of an orange. I had a cyst rupture during my first clomid cycle. It was very, very painful; Not something I would wish on my worst enemy. I hope you are doing better and recovering well.


Jami - November 18

When i was 13 weeks i had a stabbing type pain around my left ovary. i called the advice nurse and they told me to go to the emergency room. They did an ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a tubal pregnancy. but found that i had a cyst on my right ovary where i had no pain. The nurse told me that every woman gets cysts on their ovaries weather they are pregnant or not and they are usually nothing to worry about and go away on there own. But the pain you descirbe as a stabbing could just be your ligaments stretching due to your baby growing :) thats what they told me about the pain i was having, and now im 18 weeks and baby is doing great! if it becomes a big worry, i would go to the doctor and have them do an ultrasound and check things out. hope everything goes well!


*X* - November 18

All women do get cysts all the time, but we usually never notice them, because they burst before they get very big. Once in awhile, they don't burst and continue to grow. I had a 6cm cyst removed by laparoscopy a couple years ago (not while pregnant), which is usually the size at which they start to think about removing them. They wait until they get that large, because they will more likely than not burst before then.


Michelle - November 18

I was told that I have a cyst on my ovary and that it was a good cyst to have when your pregnant. That is all I knew until I read your posting. Thanks for the information...


mellissa - November 19

i have a pretty big cyst on my left ovary...they found it about 6 weeks ago and it was 5 cm!!! I just found out I'm pregnant a week ago, so I'm hoping it doesn't hurt the baby. But I had one when i was pregnant with my daughter and it hurt pretty bad, but didn't cause any harm to the pregnancy.


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 19

My doc said the cyst actually contains the hormones needed in early pregnancy to sustain it until the placenta takes over. I had a painful cyst at 5 weeks pregnant and was told it was a good thing, and they usually just resolve themselves


Key - November 21

Thanks for all of your advise ladies! I did have an ultrasound and that is when the technician mentioned that a cyst could have been what the stabbing pain I was feeling was. The dr then confirmed that, so I am a__suming it is nothing to be too concerned about. They didn't really talk about it, just kind of brushed it off like it is a normal thing. And if it ruptured, then it must be gone maybe. I just didn't realise how common this is. I have never heard of this before last week.


Shannon - November 21

I have had this happen to me twice before, although I wasn't pregnant. It landed me in Emerg both times, and I would sit there, and sit there, and wait till I finally saw a doctor. It would be like 2 in the morning before I got home and then have to go for an ultrasound in the morning. Only for them to tell me it is nothing. Apparently it happens quite often to women. It hurts like hell but it has no lasting effects. It happened to me 9/11 and it happened to me again 4 years later around the same date this year. It was crazy because I got to watch all the 9/11 news at the hospital, so I was well informed. My advice is not to worry about long term effects, just make sure you do go to the hospital because this pain and your appendix bursting can feel the same, but the appendix can kill you this can't.


amber - November 21

I had a cyst on my right ovary this past July, I spent 8 hours in the ER because it hurt so bad! Could there be a possibility that this could keep me from conceiving? Thank you for your help!


ashley - November 30

i am 6 weeks preg with my first child. i jsut found out i too have a cyst on my right ovary after spending 9 hours in the emergancy room. i am terrified. is this normal? whats going to happen? is it true i could possibly have a miscarriage? if your would please reply to me via my email i would appreciate it. it is [email protected]


Shannon - November 30

Amber - I dont think I could keep you from conceiving. I had the same problem in early August and I conceived at the end of August. and everything is fine and healthy, so my answer would be no, but their is always extenuating circ_mstances that may change that.


Shannon - November 30

^ it, I dont think it could keep you... I am not trying to keep you from conceiving :)


AnnetteOD - October 12

Hi. I am 11 weeks pregnant and have a sharp pain on my right. I went to my doctor yesterday and he informed me that I could have a cyst. But the pain is getting worse. Does anyone know if I should go further than the doctor as its waking me up at night.


babin - April 20

last week doc detected 3.7 cm cyst in my left ovary. doc gave me contraceptive pills but no pain relief pills. should i take pain pills as it pains too much at times.


Asia1979 - April 21

Hey hope you don't mind me jumping in! I'm new to the site ;) When I was 15 wks with my son I too had cyst on my left ovary. It happens! Mines did come and go as my pregnancy went along! My son ended up coming early! The day of my 7th month. I myself was a premature weighting in at 2 pounds! My son was 5 pounds! I thought the cyst cause it but my doctor said no! My son is 8 now doing fine! :) but the cyst hurt a lot for me! Thought I would share!



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