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Shones_H - February 4

I had a blighted ovum and on the 22nd Dec I had a D&C. I bled on and off for a week only. Hubby and I were advised to ttc a week after the D&C so we tried every other day from the 1st Jan. I've never really known when I've been ovulating so of course I've had no clue since the bleeding stopped. I've been told that if I was going to have a period it would be 6 weeks after the D&C (although I understand everyone heals differently) however I still havent had any signs of anything and it's so frustrating!!! Hypothetically, if I have healed and ovulated and even conceived, at what point should I be doing tests?


Grandpa Viv - February 5

Test when you have been having early preg signs for 10 days - fatigue, more peeing, upset gut, b___st and nip signs, backache, hot flashes, dizzy, appet_te, emotions, dreams, nausea, lotion discharge. Good luck this time around!


Shones_H - February 8

So, last night i went to the toilet to pee and i noticed some very light brown spotting and when i wiped, it was pinkish. I've got up this morning and wiped and there was nothing. I had what was probably the biggest emotional trip last night, fuelled mainly by my frustration that I've neither had a period nor positive pregnancy test. I'm the kind of person who likes process so if, for example, there were 10 stages of healing, I would like someone to say to me...."you're at stage 3", at least then I would know where I was with this whole experience! Is it possible that this could be implantation bleeding or the onset of my period? Thanks


Shones_H - February 8

Oh sorry, and if it is implantation bleeding....when should i test?


Grandpa Viv - February 8

Pink and brown when wiping is the standard post for implantation. Test a week after you see that, and again a week later if still in doubt. GL!


Shones_H - February 8

I think this is probably the onset of a period. I've had cramping all day, I'm having brown stringy-like discharge, there seems to be some bleeding altho its mostly brownish - I'm having to wear a sanitary pad. Im in two minds about doing a test if I'm honest, is there any point? I probably will after a week Thanks again for the feedback! Much appreciated


beautifulpackage - February 16

I got pregnant two months after having a D&C....I had the D&C on Nov 4th, had a weird period on Dec 8th....had a normal period on Jan 1st...conceived around Jan 15th...had a positive pregnancy test on Jan 30th....I'm estimating myself to be around 4 or 5 weeks pregnant....So dont, worry, it will happen for you. I have my first appt on Mar 1st, praying everything goes smoothly. I didnt have any symptons aside from my b___st hurting in the first pregnancy.....with this pregnancy, I am very very nauseaus all day long and my nipples hurt...


Shones_H - February 16

Wow, congrats on the pregnancy and I hope all goes well for you on the 1st March! Sadly, I did have a period on the 8th Jan and it finished around the 11th. As disappointed as I was that I had a period, I guess I also felt some form of relief that my body was getting back to normal. The mood swing I had just before my period should have really had me committed and I must admit, I'm incredibly lucky to still have my husband! I guess Im just a very impatient person, I like to be in control and this is one thing that is driving me up the wall. It's very difficult to relax when there have been daily (and this isn't an exaggeration) announcements of others falling pregnant. We've been trying every other night since the 11th (so yes, only a few days really), and will continue to do so until my next period is due. I've been feeling really tired and emotional but without trying to read too much into it, I think it's mostly due to my body getting back to normal. Fingers crossed for good news soon


sevillabubbies - October 10

hi! how did your pregnancy turn out?? i had a miscarriage on aug 6 and a d and e on aug 13. just got my first period and am ready to start trying again.


sevillabubbies - October 10

i meant that question for everyone! especially beautifulpackage. all of your stories and advice are so encouraging!! thank you!


beautifulpackage - October 10

Hi Sevillabubbies, Im delighted to announce I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Oct 1st...so it will happen!! Good luck!


Shones_H - October 10

Congratulations beautifulpackage!! Thats lovely news! Sadly Ive had 2 further miscarriages since my original post. At a loss for words really... i guess i can only hope that one day it will happen for hubby and me All the best x



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