Dad Smoking In Front Of Baby

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Fatima - July 12

This is really starting to annoy me. My dad is very selfish and only thinks of himself. I says this because me and my sister are basically the only ones working and supporting the house, and my dad barely brings any money home. Since he cant find a job he sells things and fixes things on his own, but supposedly he is not doing so well with money. Well, actually my sister pays all the bills and I am paying the house, because I got a credit for the house and with baby expenses it is kinda hard for all of us. Well so hard, and my dad hardly has any money, but he has to buy beer and cigarettes every single day! Not only that, but he smokes where the baby can inhale it. I always have to take the baby upstairs because he is smoking and even though we tell him, he is like, well I am smoking outside (at the door). but the smoke still goes in. My dad is really a stubborn man so whatever we tell him he always has something else to say. Sorry just had to vent a little. Anyone else in this situation?


kimholl28 - July 12

Seems your dad needs to grow up a little. I know he is your father and all but a person can on;y put up with so much. Is he diabled or just won't get a real job? This is a tough one, if you go about it the wrong way it could stir the pot even more. I agree with you that he should respect your baby and you and not smoke in the house. Second hand smoke is not good. Have you tried really sitting down with him and seriously discussing your issues? I wish I had an answer for you but I don't. Might be time for dad to leave!


frankschick2001 - July 13

With all due respect to your father, he is being kind of a jerk. When he is standing by the door soking, (gently) push him the rest of the way out and close the door behind him, and then tell him, this is what const_tutes smoking outside! Sounds like a tough situation as far as the money problems. I wish I had a solution for you.


Fatima - July 13

Thanks for responding. And the reason he doesnt have a job is because we moved to mexico and because of his age, it is hard to find a job. Hard but not impossible, he is just to picky and has rejected the jobs he did have available because he wanted things his way. You cant talk to my dad, he is the kind of man that thinks he is always right and you wont get him out of there. So if we say, even though you are ''outside'', we can still smell the smoke, he responds well i am outside, the smoke doesnt go in. Geesh!


Lynne - July 13

Throw his cigarettes out in the yard so he has to go out and get them and then close the door and lock it! Ha. Just kidding just had that image in my mind when I read your post. He should not smoke around the baby, just last week the surgeon general I think ruled that ALL second hand smoke is bad for everyone and contributes to cancer. So now when I see someone smoking and I have to walk through the diplorable smell, I pinch my nose and give them a mean look. Can't seem to help myself. I understand a habit, but the habit affects my health. You can do what you want to your own body, but when it affects others, that is where I disagree. JMO. I hope things resolve for you and your sister. My best to you. -L



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