Daily Sex While Trying

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RONDA - February 2

I have bought some ovulation test strips and yesterday it came back positive. Therefore my DH and I have 12-24 hours to make a baby! We had s_x last night, so sould we do it again tonight to make sure or will the sperms last long enough to fertilize? Also, we've been having s_x daily so I'm wondering if the quant_ty of sperms is enough? What do you think? Should we have s_x again tonight - I don't know if my DH has enough energy left!!


Emma - February 2

Hi Rhonda, I was wondering the same thing - today is my day too - we had s_x last night and the day before, but I read that sperm can live a couple of days inside a woman. I think we're probably not going to today but maybe have one last shot tomorrow - I don't know if it is quant_ty or quality where sperm is concerned - but we will give it a rest and let him get some stronger sperm ready to go. Very good luck - hope you get preg!


Rhonda - February 2

Thanks Emma. I read that sperm live for 72 hours so I guess it should be ok. Good luck to you too. Fingers crossed!


tara - February 2

Hello, you should give it a rest for one night because it takes time for the sperm to regenerate in a man. Sperm last 3-5 days in a woman so your best chances are if you have s_x every other day starting from the day before ovulation. That way the sperm count will remian high and there is always sperm in side for when you are ovulating. Good luck ladies ;o)


raye - February 2

i would rest. too much can cause a bladder infection especially if you are waiting to use the restroom for a while afterwards.


marsha - February 8

you need to chill out on the s_x. Your partner needs time to rebuild his sperm. My DH was told by the urinologist to always leave 2-3 days between having s_x during the time the ovulation kits signal ovulation. Because the sperm will actually live inside your body for about that long. After you get the pattern of your ovullation you might want to have s_x the day before you predict the ovulation kit shows ovulation. That way you already have sperm inside you. Anyway, having s_x everyday is not the best way. You can do it, but they do say you need to give it a rest to rebuild. One time me and my dh had s_x everyday, sometimes 2 or 3x a day for weeks. We figured we wouldn't miss! Well let me tell you by the end of those three weeks my dh's thing looked so worn out! Everything just got smaller!!! It was so funny! Like a grape turning into a raisin!! Easy does it!



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