Damn My Nipples Are Big

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Heavenly - October 30

Do they go back to normal size??? I pray they do. I do not wana have t_ts that look like rocks in sox with big 'ol pancake nipples! Please gimme some hope ladies. I am missing my little perky gals.


jena - October 31

lol that made me laugh - mine too!! i'm embarra__ssed for my husband to see them! if you plan to b___stfeed you are in luck that you have nice nipples! i have heard they do go back but i can't say so out of experience since i'm pg with my first! good luck to you :)


Jamie - October 31

Well - can't tell you what will happen if you don't b___stfeed, but I've been bfing for 3 months now, and then nips are as big as ever. But, the b___bies are huge to make up for it, so at least nip to b___b is proportional.


jen - October 31

Hi, Sorry but they will not go back! I had my son almost 8 years ago and my nipples are still huge! It's ridiculous, they almost take up my whole b___b.


jk - October 31

Same here! Mine didnt go back either. I've b___st fed three and am due with number 4 in May!!


jen - October 31

Oh and I did not b___st feed either.


~m~ - October 31

Heavenly, how did I know this question was yours?? LOL You have the funniest way of wording things. Well, mine did get a little bigger, but so did my b___st size, so the proportion is still there. But after I'm finished BF this baby-to-be, I'm getting me a big fat reduction!! And I think they can also reduce the nipple size in the process. If you want in on it, maybe we can get a 2-for-1! LOL


chelsey - October 31

My nipples aren't big anymore (husband called them cookie nipples!), but my b___bs sure arent what they used to be! P__ses me off! I've never been big chested, but I had something! Now, I dont recognize them anymore! ~m~, I'll take some of that left over b___bie waste, if you're not going to need it!


~m~ - October 31

LOL chelsey. You got it, girl! I got plenty to spare, so come on along and we'll just let the doc transplant! hee hee


chelsey - October 31

I'll take as much as you can give!!!


ker - October 31

my nipples are still huge but my b___bs are bigger than before pregnancy.


MRS.R - October 31

Mine were the same way.. I was always big chested.. I did the b___st reduction thing 2 years ago and it was the best thing i EVER did. Now i am trying again for another baby and i am afraid they are going to be ugly again. They are very pretty and perky now LOL :) ~m~ yes they do make your nipple size smaller and also do a lift . It is wonderful. Hubby always says i have 16 year old t_ts and he loves them. What a perv. LOL


~m~ - October 31

LOL Mrs. R!! I would loooooove to have 16 year old t_ts again! You're making me actually look forward to the procedure!! :o)


steph - October 31

ahhhh! me too! i hate them... one of the nipples is bigger than the other and both areolas take up pretty much my whole b___b... they look like bar coasters


~m~ - October 31

LOL Steph! Maybe you should start collecting those ones from Chili's. Use them as nipple covers. LOL Wouldn't it be nice if they could at least grow into pretty shapes... like hearts or stars or something! hee hee


JK - November 1

my hubby calls mine balonga slices!! I think its funny - but slightly embara__sing!!


liz - November 1

no honey sorry but they don't go back...at least not like before



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