Dark Line Down Tummy

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sara - May 20

Hi, i was just wondering if anyone got the dark line down their tummy, This is my third baby and the first time i am getting it. I have 2 boys,you think it has anything to do with a different gender.. I can only hope, in input would be nice.


Lindsey - May 20

Hi sara, I believe this is called the Linea Nigra. I'm not exactly sure why we get them, but I had it with my son. Some women get them and some don't. I hope you have a succesful and healthy pregnancy! Good luck to you and best wishes!!


~S~ - May 20

I'm 25 1/2 weeks and I haven't gotten it yet. Not sure if I will, as there's no sign of it.


Jenn... - May 20

I don't think it has anything to do with gender. I have a line from not far from my b___st all the way down to pubic area, it is much darker on the lower half. I've had it since about 22 weeks. Good luck with your pregnancy!!!


Cindy - May 20

Hi Sara, I did too get that dark line down my tummy from my belly b___ton down . It is Very noticeable. I ended up having a girl, so maybe it is girl related. Best of luck to you.


lilmum - May 20

i have the line. What i would like to know is: has anyone else ALWAYS had it? i've had that line as long as i can remember. My mom says it's been there since i was born. It does seem to get a little darker when i get pregnant.. but its already really really dark, so it's not like it can get much darker.


billie - May 20

I had the line since birth too but only from my belly b___ton down. Now that I am pregnant, I have the line all the way from my b___sts to the pubic region. I don't think it has to do with gender because I am having a boy and a friend of mine that's having a girl has it too. One thing I did hear was that if the line is straight, it's a boy!! Crooked = Girl.... anyone have that come true? I did!!!


BBK - May 20

The cause is..... you guessed it: Hormones! It's melanin, just like when you tan, has nothing to do with the gender of the baby, and goes away after birth. Not all pregnant women get it


l - May 20

it also has something to do with a muscle separating....don't have it this time but have had it in a previous pregnancy


nonk - May 21

Hi Sara, I don't think it has anything to do with the gender. B cos I am having it and my baby is a boy.


nelly - May 21

i got it with my first pregnancy (a girl) and i am 31 weeks now with another girl and i dont have it.


Andrea - May 21

Every woman has this line on her belly even when not pregnant. Usually it is so faint that most women do not even know it is there. Pregnancy hormones can make this line very noticeable. It will go away a few months after you give birth. The line is usually much more noticeable in dark skinned women or women that can tan well. I always have it to some degree even when not pregnant. I mainly get it when I have a tan. My daughters are three and five and are both very dark skinned for being caucasion and you can already see a faint line near the bottom of their tummies. It just depends on your genetics. Hope that helps.



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