Dating Scan

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<Amy> - April 26

I'm having my dating scan tomorrow, I am quite far along lmp 6th jan, concieved 29th jan but havn't been able to get appointment until now. I was just wondering what you actually see in the dating scan. Can you see the heartbeat? I know it's tomorrow but I'm excited and impatient! lol ~Baby Dust~


TO AMY - April 26

I think you should be able to see the heartbeat....go to and click on parenting and family, and then click on pregnancy....they have all kinds of ultrasound pictures, maybe you can kind of see what to expect from them. Good luck and let us know how it goes!!


Justine - April 26

You should be able to see the baby moving with a heartbeat. If the baby is moving it has to have a heartbeat.


bump - April 26



tiffani ~ edd 11/07/05 - April 26

If your lmp was Jan. 6th, you should be 4 months now. You will definitely be able to see a baby with 10 fingers and 10 toes, and a beating heart. You will also be able to see the s_x of the baby, a__suming he/she cooperates. Any day now you will be able to feel the little one kick. What an exciting time! Congratulations & enjoy the ultrasound. :o)


Sam - April 26

You're really close to me! My lmp was jan 7th and my due date is Oct. 16th. My doc just got a new u/s machine so he does an u/s every couple of weeks. I can see baby's arms, legs, nose, fingers, toes, etc. It's awesome!!!! I saw baby sucking its thumb. You won't believe it!


<Amy> - April 26

Aww! i can't wait. The reason i asked is because the way they put it was as if i wouldn't see anythin, that they would just date it. And someone there said i wouldn't see the heartbeat but I would in the next scan (between 20-24 weeks). I didn't really pay attention to him because i thought he's not a doctor or anything what would he know! lol However it is just a dating scan so i doubt i'll find out the s_x :(


tiffani~ edd 11/07/05 - April 26

Amy~ They should be doing more than just dating your pregnancy. They should measure the baby and look around at everything to see that the baby is progressing as it should. You might have to be a__sertive and ask them to tell you what you're having, because sometimes they just don't volunteer the info. As for the hearbeat, you will definitely be able to see it! :o)



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