Day Care Questions

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ahemann99 - July 12

I am scouting out potential daycares and was wondering if anyone had any advice as to what questions i should as them or myself before commiting....any advice would be much appreciated. thanks


Krissiem23 - July 12

When I have my first little on this march, I am going to open my own daycare. 1) I would ask the price per week first of all. Average for an infant 0-2 is about $150/170 a week in upstate NY. 2-5 is about 140/160 a week. This is if food is included - which it should be. Many darecares can use the food program which help pay for food. So 2) What food/services are included. Diapers are usually not. Formula can be, but not usually. 3) What is the late policy. Just in case you get stuck in traffic or at work. I will have a late policy - only it doesn't apply in bad weather. 4) Can they give medications? Usually daycares can not give medication - even baby ambosol for toothaches! Sounds silly - but it is a precaution. 5) Sick policy. Unfortunitly, even if you child is sick - you will have to still pay for the services even if he/she is not there because the provider held the spot and didn't take another child. 6) Clothes/Toys policy. I don't allow children to bring in outside toys. It can cause fighting and I don't want to be liable if it breaks. All children have to have an extra set of age appropriate clothes. 7) Insurance/Emergencies. Make sure they have a copy of your insurance card. What is their emergencty policy? 8) What do they provide to drink? Make sure water and juices are the main thing. 9) What holidays do they have off. You will most likly still pay the full rate for the week if a holiday is in it! You get paid for holidays..right? 10) Vacation policy. 11) Religion Policy. My daycare is christian based, but I do not discriminate against any other religion. So I would celebrate Christmas and Easter, and I use veggie Tales for videos! This is all I can think of right now, I hope it helps!


Krissiem23 - July 12

*I meant weather appropriate clothing!


Faye84 - July 12

wow krissiem your daycare is cheap in your area! Here for a newborn ( minnesota) is $280 a week! Ahemann99- if you are going to a home day care i would ask many children can they legally care for. 2. see their license. 3. how much they charge. 4. if they are on a food program.5. policy for sick children. 6. any animals/if yes are cats declawed. 7. do they discipline 8.where are the naps often do they watch tv 10. can children bring their own food/ toys.


ThePezChick - July 12

Check in third trimester. I put some info on there for you.



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