De E M And All My Other Girls Where Ya At

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Heavenly - October 27

What is up with you all???? How are things. Holla back. E-i!


Heavenly - October 27

Excuse my sorry typing skills....that would be Dez not De! Sorry Dez. Holla!!


Narcissus (E) - October 27

I am also worthless. I have a ma__sive kidney infection and haven't had the energy to post for a while. When it rains it friggin pours!!!!! It was by the grace of god that I was able to walk over to the computer to see this thread. Love ya girls and I will be back!!


Narcissus (E!) - October 28

I feel like a winner today:) Thank god for Cipro!!!!!!!!! It has saved me many a time. I think this happened from the general anesthesia and the long-acting morphine I was on for a month. It can cause urinary retention which can be a breeding ground for bacteria. TMI, I know. -- ~m~ , how is your job treating your "illness"? Do they know you are pregnant and are they being cool about it? Do the school kids know? I bet there are rumors circulating about Mrs. ~m~ and her absence:) I am sorry you are feeling so awful. I know what it's like and it sucks to feel so d__n sick. ---- Dez darling, will you post anna's site again? I can't wait to see her latest photos!! I am sure she will be the cutest baby on the block for Halloween. I am not sure if Aja will go TT for halloween. It all depends on how I feel. Where are you taking Anna for TT? Yes, a sleep number bed is everyone's dream! We got a new bed right before I was pregnant and thank friggin god we did!! --- Heav, I am sorry about auntie....((((HUGS))))). LMAO at your mom in the bathroom. Nice semantics:) Hey, will all of you b___hes please post your piczo sites again? Love ya girls!!!!!!!!


Heavenly - October 29

Hello ladies!!! I just got n from good 'ol, cows everywhere, no Walmart having, mountains all over VA. Man the cemetery that we went to is so seriously in bum f**k. No freakin' lie! If you run out of gas on this road you are SCAREWED!!!! It is on the tip top of a mountain. Miles and miles away from anything. GREEN ACRES is not the place to sux! My Mom pretty much FARTED on me while the baby and I were in the car!!!! All the windows were up and my sister (the driver) had stepped out and took the keys with her. Needless to say I had to open the door or the baby and I would be breathing in b___t funk! Jesus! What the hell is up with the farting!!!???? E I am so glad you are feeling better. ~m~ hunny, I can't wait to see them baby pix. I have such stories to tell but for now I am off to beddy bye. Imma go lay with my little angel. BTW, Peace Owwwwwt.


Dez - October 29

hey ladies! Heavenly sorry bout your loss, but you can always make me laugh. E I dunno yet if I am gonna take ana out tt, it all depends on the wheather. I have takin her to the childrens museum for tt street, and to the high schools, tomarrow we will do the tt street at the zoo, so we are just doing little adventures like that. Her website is I have already remembered all of yours, being I check them almost everytime I go to my site, lol I just love to see the babies grow. Thank you m for the compliments on baby ana, although she has four teeth now and the top is one middle one and one side one, omg its so cute but ugly at the same time, lol. yes I am hoping for a boy, I seriously think I have to quit after this one, I am in serious pain, I can just cry. I do once in a while talk to KM on IM last I heard the baby was doing good, I check his site too and he is growing so cute. I dont know m if you had seen some of my other posts but I did say congrats on the baby and I am very, very excited for you. you might not have seen them because I had mentioned in them that I was pregnant again, oh and I did have to laugh again about the stretch mark cream fight,lol. Omg that is funny about the whole baby story and crying thing, because I cried everytime I watched that show, this time around I try not to think about pregnancy as much its making it go by a little faster then last time. I will be five months next week, how far are you m. Hey heavenly and E are you thinking of more anytime soon. well I have to go try to sleep now although that might not work since ana took a late nap, and she is all bright eyed and bushy tailed.


Dez - October 29

I just posted some of ana's halloween pics on her site what is everyone else doing for halloween? hey tiff wow I sure hope everyone feels better, baby any day now huh? good luck! well I am not due until march 23rd. m when are you due?


Heavenly - October 30

Where is everyone today. Lonely, I am so loney....ahhhewe ahhhh.


Narcissus - October 31

Whoa the kiddies are looking really cute!! All of them!! I love Anna's sungla__ses in the pool. She is one cute chick:) It would be so fun if we all got together one day. I know it will never happen but it would be interesting, wouldn't it? I bet we would laugh our b___ts off.


~m~ - October 31

Hello everyone!! I agree, Narcissus (feels so strange calling you that LOL). If the bunch of us ever got together, we'd be a force! How much fun would that be???? How are you feeling? I hope you are having a pain-free morning. By the way, what is your site address. I have it (and Dez's and Heavenly's) in my favorites on my school computer, but not here at home. Dez, I am just DYING over your Halloween page. Ana is soooooo frickin adorable in her costumes!! You need to audition her to be a Gerber baby! Thanks on the congrats! Oh my gosh, I do remember that stretch mark duel we had. How funny. I tend to get a bit cranky in the late night hours..... I think I just wanted to argue or something cuz hubby was asleep and I couldn't argue with him. LOL. I will be 9 weeks on Wednesday. My due date is June 7....... a long d__n time away! I just hope this misery I'm in ends at or before the first trimester. Everyone keeps saying 8-10 weeks, but I've heard too many women say they were sick the WHOLE time. Oh my gosh, how cranky would I be then!!!!!!!!!!!! You girls have a great "spook day". Talk to ya later!


Narcissus - October 31

I have a funny story for ~m~ bc we used to talk about hicks in the South...I was at the store the other day and a little boy said to his mom, "mommy, I did good" and she said, "no, you done good!". Can you believe it? LOL, I guess. It's sad more than anything.


Narcissus - November 1

Aww, no mullet? That's no fun! I forgot to answer y'alls question about more kids. LMAO!! Not for a while. I need to get healthy and enjoy some free time with DH. The in-laws bought a home where we live, and are going to move here. Yeah! I will have some much needed help w/ Aja. Also, once they get here, I can get pregnant and lay around sick while they watch Aja.


Dez - November 1

hey ladies, I dont have much time to talk tonight but I thought I would come on and let you know everything looks fine with my pregnancy and the big news ITS A BOY!!!!


Narcissus - November 2

Yeah Dez!! Anna will have a brother! You must be soooo excited and I bet your DH is thrilled. Congrats:)


Heavenly - November 2

At the rate hubby and I are going we will be having another. I will probably go completely bald with the 2nd one. My hair is falling out bad. Imma call Tyra Banks Show and she if she'll hooka b___h up!


Narcissus - November 3

LMAO Heavenly!! My hair fell out in chunks at ~ 5 month pp. I was mortified to say the least. See if Tyra can hook two b___hes up, will ya?


Narcissus - November 3

~m~ - I hear you loud n clear about not wanting to brush your teeth. When I was pregnant, I always felt like I was going to puke after brushing my teeth, and one night (after dinner, hehe!) my stomach full of food exploded at the mirror while I was trying to hold down. I failed miserably. It was just like the movie Stand By Me, when lard-a__s barfs on the crowd. Chunks flew everywhere. Really, it was like a scene out of a movie. I had a few cavities after I had Aja bc I had such a hard time brushing my teeth.



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