Dealing With Stress

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eyebeeablessing2u - November 25

I realize stress is not good for a pregnant women.. and I amtrying very heard not to worry.. but at times it just overwhelmes my soul... I just found out this week my mom had a tumor in her bowel... it was removed ... adn she now had to live with a colostomy bag for up to 6 months.. bnot sure if its temporary or permanent... I just got married 4 months ago and 3 weeks before that she had gall stones removed.... I am 8 weeks PG with some brown discharge and it changed to red for a day and now this Am i had a brown clot....beside praying and giving it all to GOD what things can I do to lessen the stress.... i work at home doing In home childcare....I have only 2 kids in the am one in the afternoon so usually i just veg on the couch.. my hubby is very supportive... just need some more encouragement from some of the more experienced women... thanks....When I am weak.. he is strong.... AMEN


lilmama - November 25

I think you should call your doctor with this info. It is probably nothing to worry about, but you need to make sure. Also, your doc can help to calm your fears. It is very easy to get stressed out when you are pregnant. When I get stressed, I take a nice, calming bubble bath and try to realx. I have heared that the bed time bath stuff for babies is wonderful for destressing even adults. I've never tried it but I plan to pick some up next time I am at the store. I have said a little prayer for you and I hope that God will help in releiving your stress and with your mothers health. Best of luck to you and your unborn.


nbp - November 26

relax.....stress is bad, but we all have it. you deffinately need to see your doctor about this, and put your mind at ease about atleast one thing. as far as worring, i just recently herd of a neat thing for you to do, since it seems you are religious, take a shoe box, cut a slit in the top and anytime you are worring about somthing, write it down on a peice of paper, then stick it in the box. the box is god's box, when you put it in there you can not think about it again, hard yes, but just think of it as giving it over to god, someone who can handle it, you can't do anything about the things that go wrong in the world, but god can so when you put it in the box, think of it as giving it over to god, and if you worry about it still, take it back out of the box, because it is rude to hand somthing over to god to handle then say well i don't think he can do it by his self, so i will worry about it myself too. i have herd people say that this works, it's just somthing to try. as for relaxing, bubble baths are nice, but not recomended early in your pregnancy. soaking in water that is warm for long periods of time, raises your body temperature and the baby's temperatur too, and you are at more risk for developing birth defects, so a bubble bath i don't recomend, untill after your fourth month. but, do pamper your self, lay down, take a nap. when laying down, lay on your left side, witch is the best position for your baby. it is the position that promotes the most blood flow to the placenta, wich provides the baby with more oxygen, and nutrients to grow. just sit back and think about your baby. take time out and listen to music, nice calming music, or even baby music, like nursery rymes, and just relax. think about how wonderful your new baby will be, instead of all the negative things in life that we can not do anything about, think about the wonderful things in your life right now. remeber, the first few months are the most crucial, so go to the doctor, take your vitamins, if the doctor prescribes them, and just relax.


eyebeeablessing2u - November 26

thanks nbp... that was great advice... I like the shoe box idea...



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