Dealing With Terrible Twos And First Trimester Help

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sesopko - January 20

I was wondering if anyone else is on there second and getting really frustrated with there first? I have never ever been frustrated with him before I can not decide if it is the hormones or if is the fact that he is definately hit the terrible 2s running. I have never come close to losing control I was just looking for some coping methods. Will it get better in the second trimester? I can not seem to really get off the couch any suggestions? Help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


m - January 20

Well, honey, I can sympathize!!!! I am on my 3rd, but my 2nd is 2 years old, and boy is he a TERRIBLE 2!! Geez!! Some days I have questioned my desire to even have a third one! Just kidding, but I do know how you feel! Just get someone willing to help out (bf, hubby, relative, friend) to take the 2 year old out for a walk or to play, or just somewhere to give you some time alone to clear your head. I know it can be really hard and it can try your patience, but hang in there! A good support system can make life a ton easier!


sesopko - January 20

M, Thanks a lot. I am so excited about having another baby but it is truely tring at times. When did your son turn 2 mine was October 23. How old is your other child. I hope they help a little. I hope more people will write in so we can vent our frustations.


karine - January 20

Iam in my second trimester, and my son is also 2yrs old ! And boy is he ever going through his terrible two's !!!!!!!! And the worste of it is..he is a mamma's boy! Feedings, bathing's, dressings, playing's...anything...has to be with me, or i have to be part. My hubby cant just take him off my he has tantrums asking for maman. he has been like that for about a year..and it seems that as he is getting further in his terrible 2's he is getting worse. Thank god my 3yrs daughter, can give me some breaks..she is such a sweety. i myself have questioned how i will do with this third my son takes ALOT of energy and patience.LOL....but i love him to bits LOL hope he dosen't get worse with this baby


Trena - January 20

Hey Girls...I am 11wks and I too have a two year old little girl that turned "2" on October 17th. She has been a totally different child ever since I found out that I was pregnant. She is also a "Mama's girl" and it makes things very difficult for her daddy to help out. Thank goodness for Mother's Day Out 2 times a week. :) I will also suggest that if you have a little neighbor (or two or three) I would have them come over to PLAY in another room just so you can have some needed Quiet Time for YOU. It really helps and you don't feel like you are constantly saying "No, Stop, Do you hear me?...etc" throughout the entire day. CONGRATS to everyone on your pregnancies. :) :) :)


sesopko - January 21

Wow. Thanks. My little Elijah is a huge Mama's boy also. He tells my husband to "go". My husband loves that. Actually it gets him out of all the fun things. My son also as soon as I found out I was pregnant started not sleeping through the night and he does not want Daddy to put him back to bed "only Mommy" yeah!!!!! My husband words of encouragement are "you'll miss this one day" as I am standing over a poopy diaper that I have to now hold my breathe so I don't vomit. And when I am soooo tired I can not even hear him cry but my husband has to poke me. He says again "you'll miss this one day". I am sure that I will I will not miss being pregnant and dealing with it though I can a__sure him that will not happen. He tries to help but he ends up annoying me more than my son and the TERRIBLE 2s. Thanks for your support. Please keep writing so we can share our day to day lovely experiences and help each other out.


Trena - January 21

I can't figure the not sleeping at night thing...we have been having the same husband also pokes me when I am asleep because she is asking for me. Don't get me wrong I love her to death, but I am a stay at home mom and there are times when I don't think I can do it 24hrs a day...I need sleep. Just a few hours thats all. :) :) :) I have been asking a few friends who have 2 yr olds and a few have already dropped their naps. I am not sure if that has anything to do with not sleeping at night or not. I know that the days Taylor Renee' goes without her nap she sleeps the entire night. It makes me wonder if she getting to the point of dropping her nap too...I am just not sure how to know. What do you think?


sesopko - January 21

Oh no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not the Nap!!!!!!!!!!! That is my time for cleaning and peace. I hope he is not ready to give up the nap. When are you due? I am Aug 21. I am also a stay at home mom. Today I have had the blues really bad. From lack of sleep???? Hummmm??I love him to death too it melts my heart when he says "Mommy, I just need you." How can I sit here and complain. I don't know. We will see what happens tonight. Wish me luck.


Trena - January 22

I know the feeling...she may be ready to give up the nap, but I am not ready. ;) The way I deal with the lack of sleep is here lately I have been trying to nap for a least 30 minutes while Taylor is sleeping. I can really tell a big difference in my patience with her. She is so sweet and loveable...always wanting to "hold you mama." I am due August 12th, but it will probably be the first week of August with a scheduled c-section. My doctor told me to be thinking about a date anywhere from the last of July to the first of August. I had to have a c-section the first time around...3 and a half weeks early.


m - January 23

Hi sesopko. My son turned 2 in April, so he will turn 3 just before this one is born. But my oldest will turn 8 in March, and he is so much help! I must admit I'm a little jealous of the "mama's boy" thing. My 2 year old is, and always has been, a die-hard daddy's boy. If daddy is home, he won't pay me much attention. Although sometimes it is nice that he is willing to let daddy take him off of my hands, it still is kindof a bummer when I want to love on him and he gives me a quick kiss and hops out of my lap. I'm totally with you on the nap thing. I think I would lose my mind without nap time. Without a nap, mine is soooooo cranky!! This is a great thread! It helps to see other women feeling the same frustration and pain! Although I don't wish it on anyone, it is nice to have others to talk to!! :o)


Tye - January 23

I sure can sympathize. I am on my second preg. and have 3 yr old triplets that I have just started potty training and I am in my 23rd wk plus I work at night and usually get home at about 1:00 a. m. Coping skills? Some days will be rough and no doubt you'll have those days and moments where you will feel insane whether it's your child or your preg. or both.- but in the grand scheme of things- it isn't that long and it will all be worth it in the end. You'll be O.K. and don't worry if you are a little emotional. Your toddler is more understanding of your feelings than you think. They are sensative to our emotions- explain to your child why you are feeling what you are feeling- like " I'm not crying because of you-mommy is just upset today." Or "You were really naughty and that makes mommy very upset! " Once you have all calmed down of course. Then tell them you love them and what it is they can do to make you happy. Say you could use a hug. Don't be afriad to talk to your child as an adult or to seek comfort from them. They want you to feel good!


sesopko - January 23

I think I may have found a solution. It is simple and cheap. McDonald's playland. It works to tire him out and also it works as a punishment. throw yourself on the floor and scream no Donalds. I wish I had a 8 year old that would be a huge help. M, did your husband do anything to cause to a Daddy's boy?


sesopko - January 23

Sorry my son pushed enter. Anyways M-my husband would love for his son to even notice him. I would love to see them interact too. My poor husband wants a girl so that he can hopefully have a Daddy's girl. Little does he get that b___st feeding puts a little kink in his plan. This has become a great place to chat. Thanks for your stories. Keep um coming.


m - January 23

Well, as strange as it is, that little dude was born that way. From birth, he was always more soothed by my hubby holding him. After I quit nursing, when he would wake up in the middle of the night, he did NOT want me up with him. That's when the daddy's boy thing was cool! LOL Anyhoo, he has just always been that way. It's a little odd, because my oldest has always been a mama's boy. I'm anxious to know what will happen with the one I'm carrying now! Happy medium maybe????


sesopko - January 23

good luck with the happy medium. I have a feeling that my 2 year old is only preparing my for a lovely surprize. (I am being sarcastic) I think that this is my fate. As long as this child is healthy I can handle almost anything.


Trena - January 23

I will have to try McDonalds playland...anything is worth a try! :) Another one to try if you have one close is Chucky Cheese. Occasionally we go to the mall to see the puppies and to get a cookie in the afternoon during that hard time between after nap and bedtime. I take her out of her stroller and let her walk that way she is asking to go to bed.


sesopko - January 26

Well, we have had a couple of good nights. Hopefully the worst is over. Is this just wishful thinking?



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