Dealing With The Stress Of Trying To Conceive

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ltldunk - November 4

If anyone has any good tips on how not to stress while trying to conceive, I would appreciate it. My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for six months, which really isn't that along, except that all the other women in my family seem to get pregnant if a man sneezes on them (ha ha ha)! My husband and his first wife couldn't get pregnant because they were just chemically incompatible (yes, that sounds odd, but not unheard of). So, I'm stressed on two levels. Two months ago I thought I was pregnant - sore br___ts, fatigue and I nearly passed out at the make-up counter at a department store, as well as being late for my period. Turns out I wasn't pregnant and apparently stressed myself into a week late period. My next period was right on schedule, and now I'm three days late with a neg hpt this morning. Aside from lots of Valium, does anyone have any hints?


Vivi - November 4

I can tell you my story. We have been ttc for months - first child for both of us, and I am 35. So, you cannot imagine the monthly drama in my head everytime I got my period, horrible. I thought we would never do it for 1 million reasons. I charted, saliva checked, peed on ovulation predictors, checked discharges, temperature, you name it. I am an auditor, so I had it all 150% under control!!!! Then on the month I got pregnant I could not do all of that crazyness because I was too busy planning our wedding ... and go figure, under my non-watchfull eye, everything happened!!!! We did it on our wedding night or 2 days after that ... all I can tell you is find a project that will keep you busy and like me OBGYN said - babies come moslty when they are not expected - that is what there are so many unplanned pregnancies in this world!!!! Good luck and keep us posted!!!!


KM - November 4

cute story :)



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