Decaf Green Tea Ok Or Not

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opy - November 25

is decaf green tea ok to drink if pregnant or ttc?


Lisa - November 25

Green tea is a diruetic... I was advised to stop drinking it during my pregnancy.


Jamie - November 26

My doctor encouraged me to drink it, but more because it helped me relax which helped keep my blood pressure within tolerable limits.


to opy - November 26

You should probably not drink it excessively early in your pregnancy because it is known to block folate. Inadequate supplies of folate encourage neural tube defects. Later in pregnancy, the beginning of the second trimester and after when folate is not so crucial to development, it should be ok to have green tea ( in moderation) and it is actually beneficial because of the antioxidents found in it. Decaf is great obviously because of what it is lacking.


Stephanie - November 26

I stayed away from all my usual herbal teas, with the exception of mint tea, as that really helps with tummy upsets, especially in those early stages. I highly recommend mint tea if you're feeling nausea or indigestion.


opy - November 27

ok thanks I have had it a few times so I will stop it for the remainder


Shannon - November 28

Yeah I was told too to stop drinking it because of the folate thing. It can cause Birth Defects if you dont get enough folate in early pregnancy. I would a__sume it would be ok later on in moderation, and keep it decaf cuz Green Tea has one of the highest levels of caffeine in it along with Black Tea.


Shannon - November 28

I sometimes drink it as a green tea lemonade. Its a mix of a little green tea and a little lemonade along with some sugar syrup. Its sooo good and quenchs your sweet tooth while including the healthiness of green tea. You can get them from Starbucks if you are near one !! :)


opy - November 28

I was just sent this from a girlfriend. I will no longer drink green tea....."For those of you concerned with neural tube defects, a word of caution about green tea: Recent studies conducted by the CDC, and later by the EU (see examples at the following links: or have found that women who consume 1 to 2 cups of green tea within 3 months of conception and in their first trimester have double the risk of having a baby with spina bifida and anencephaly, because a certain antioxidant (EGCG) found in green tea inhibits folate activity. Those who consumed 3 or more cups of green tea a day tripled their risk." I read the link and its valid.


Shannon - November 29

What if I drank 1/2 cup a day before I knew I was pregnant... up to around 7 weeks



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