December Babies Whats Everyone Having

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AD - August 22

I am guessing most december mommys know what they are having by now! I am Excited about my baby Girl Savannah!!! due December 23... And moving like crazy! Anyone else know?


Beccah - August 22

I'm having a boy, Bradyn Connor due Dec 10!


dani - August 22

Hi, found out at 16 weeks, and were having a boy! My due date is Dec. 30th.


mm - August 23

Hi! doctor told i'll be due like the last day of dec or the firsts of going to find out what im having on monday aug29


Lindsay - August 23

I am due dec.15 with a baby boy, elijah anthony.


Bree - August 23

I'm having a boy! I'm excited, and wish I could say his name. We disagree on names so it's really up in the air. I do have a list, though! lol congrats to everybody. I'm due Dec. 28th, by the way.


Kate - August 23

I'm due on 4th December and we chose not to find out what we're having! Did anyone else chose to keep it as a surprise?!


bump - August 23



lisa - August 23

Its A Girl!!! Due december 14!!! no names yet


Rose S - August 24

I am due December 29th and having a boy. I am so excited because I have a four year old little girl. We cannot agree on a name, however..... :(


YC - August 24

Girl due Dec 15th. No name yet :)


lacy - August 27

its a girl, due 12/20


Katherine - August 28

The dr.'s believe a girl :)


Krystle - August 28

i am having a girl due december 16th..i am so excited..this is my first child..but no idea on what the name is yet.....


Ca__sie - September 8

I just turned 18 this is my first baby. Im so excited. Its a girl. Due December 17th. Name is Miranda.. no middle name yet... cant agree with my hubby :) ill win.


stardust - September 8

December 15 2005 no name yet


Dustie - September 8

I am having a boy, Jackson David, due Christmas Day. Not a LOT of movement yet, it is still feeling like bubbles. I am overweight and my placenta is adverse (I think that is the right word, anyway, it is deep inside) I'm sure that is why I don't feel him more.



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