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delicatessen - April 19

Ok, here's the thing. I am( according to hubby& others) a very beautiful 27 yo woman and he's a good looking 35 yo man, i have a very high s_x drive but hubby has a very low or say a non-existent one. He is very lazy in this department. I am tired to nag him and beg him for s***.So my question is, How on earth am i gonna get pregnant when we only do it once or twice ( if im lucky ) a month ? I only ovulate 1ce a mth and i really don't know when.He just doesn't like doing it! I'm in trouble .......


umm.. - April 19

if your so attractive then why doesnt he want to have sx with you? he gay? I'm not trying to be funny....this is serious


to you... - April 19

get him drunk and screw him! lol


Misty - April 19

Stop asking him. It might make him feel like he has pressure on him to do something and that isn't going to help you. Just start doing pleasurable things to him so he only has to pretty much enjoy the ride. This should work just fine I would guess. I mean, some people are incredibly lazy but everyone likes to feel pleasure right? Maybe that would work if you turned it into something purely fun for him where he didn't have to do much of anything. Then hopefully he will grow out of this rut and start starting things himself. GL


delicatessen - April 19

To ummm.....i'm not being funny either and i wonder the exact same thing! I can't get him drunk, because he drinks more that he eats and never get drunk ! And yeah it makes sense, i shouls stop asking him, but i find him irresistible .He's a hard worker guy though. And yeah, maybe I am boring.This is a real eye opener ! thx to y'all!


Misty - April 19

Oh hell, I didn't mean stop asking as in stop trying to have s_x. Just you be the one that is in charge of it. Don't tell him you want it or he might feel pressured by that to do something he feels he has no energy to do. Just start making love to him woman. I don't know how he could resist if you just started pleasuring him.


toes - April 19

I dunno what you two wear to bed, but you might wanna try getting him in the mornings while he's still sleeping and wake him up that way. That's always a winner, unless your husband's like me and spooks if he gets woken up that way.


1234 - April 19

girl hat you should do is start pleaseing him and if he turns you away then you better think about even being with him ...i have never heard of a man not wanting s_x the onlyway i heard of that is if he is getting it from some where else girl you really need to think about this


delicatessen - April 19

Well, i feel ( but then again i might be wrong) that i have tried everything. I am quite "open" and wild , he's the quite & shy type, but's no reason! Toes, i am tired of the mornings, that 's the only way i can get some, because u guys always get hard in the mornings anyway.. & i am the only one initianing it, and most of the time, i get the"u tickle me, let me sleep" I am tired, blah blah. I try to discuss it with him but he just blacks out,refuses to talk about it.I'm thinking either he's getting it elsewhere or worse...He's gay !I tried my best, but solving a problem on my own is quite hard, especially when i seem to be the only one to see it! Anyway...thx all for the advice, i guess i needed to hear that i am not all crazy and to vent as well.Thx again.


sara - April 19

Maybe he's cheating on you?


>B< - April 19

Hey delicatessen, my husband is the exact sameway and i had those same thoughts about getting pregnant. so instead of waiting for him to get me pregnant i took matters into my own hands. i calculated when i'd be ovulating and that night i made him have s_x with me and told him i wanted him to c_m on my belly. he did so i took my fingers wiped his c_m and stuck them "in there" without him seeing. and well now i am 18 weeks pregnant (today). Now we have tons of s_x. nothing to worry about now. good luck


>B< - April 19

Before everyone gets the wrong idea i should let you all know that he knows what i did he doesn't care and i think he's more excited about the baby than me. he already bought everything for our baby room and picked her name himself.


Delicatessen - April 19

Thx >B<, well, it kinda rea__sures me what u just said. maybe i should do the same !!!


Sonya-edd 10/12/05 - April 19

To Ummm... Just because someone has a low s_x drive and does not want to have s_x with their attractive spouse does not mean they are gay. Some people just have low s_x drives and there are a lot of other factors to consider. Is the husband stressed, tired or is there a medical problem.


vjdhfjdhf - April 19

I was also going to say, he's probably just tired. I'd try getting him in the morning too, but the only problem is that awful morning breath. It's a real pa__sion killer. Have you tried watching p___n together?


Jenni - April 19

Guys that drink alot loss their s_x drive. Try to get him to ease up. Drinking can damage his sperm also so another good reason for him to lighten up on the drinks. Good luck.


read it - April 20

what you need to do is start playing with yourself right in front of his a__s. that should get him up and ready to do the d__n thing



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