Deployment To Iraq Pregnancy

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Schulz - April 23

Anybody have any ideas of a good way to get through being pregnant alone and having your husband deployed to Iraq?


Mellissa - April 23

i's so funny that you ask that question... i got on here today specifically to see if there were any other women who's hubby's are deployed. i found out in november that we are pregnant again (we have a 2 1/2 yr old daughter) and my hubby got deployed in february, with only 2 weeks notice. he is active duty army. this is his second deployment, he was in iraq from dec 2003 until february 2005. honestly, i thought being pregnant with him gone would be a lot harder on me than it has been. i am very lucky to have my mom staying with me while he's gone, and she helps a lot with my daughter. having a 2 1/2 yr old while he's gone has been really hard.. but the pregnancy itself doesn't seem to take a toll on me. i think it bothers him a lot because we are having a boy, and it must get to him to know he won't be here when his first son is born. i feel for him...and it makes me sad to think of having to go through labor without him, he was so much help when i had my daughter. the only thing i can really suggest to you is maybe surroud yourself with people who's hubby's are also deployed... if you have friends that are military too. that really seems to help. i just started taking part in the FRG meetings because i figured i don't know anyone else (we got stationed at ft carson in august) and they know what i am going through. it helps to have a support system. if you have a rough time, feel free to email me. my email is [email protected]


Jamie - April 24

Have you considered keeping a video or photographic journal of your pregnancy? I was fortunate enough that my husband did not deploy during my pregnancy, but we did discuss the possibility. He told me that he would have wanted me to take daily pictures of my belly or record messages for him on DVD so that he could feel as though he were part of the pregnancy.


Jamie - April 24 If your DH is not going to be there for the birth, you might consider getting one of these for your baby, so that he/she will at least have an idea of Daddy's face. Delete any (-) that might appear in the link.



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