Depo Injection

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me - August 4

How long after I have stopped using the depo injection could I get pregnant?


Melissa - August 4

It all depends, everyone is different. You need to be charting you fertility signs to see if you are ovulating normally every month. Go to


emma sarsfield - October 19

stright away as soon as the injection wears off


Gem - March 19

Everybody's body is different i fell pregnant after six months after having the depo but they say it could take up to a year


Wondering - March 21

Hi me - sorry I can't answer your question, but I have one for you regarding the Depo. Did you have any side effects with it, like weight gain or anything else? I know this is a Pregnancy Forum, but after three losses, I've decided to put ttc on the back burner and get on some type of birth control. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thx.


Ginger - March 22

Wondering, Please try something else for now. I, and many other women who have taken the depo shot have problems with becoming pregnant after depo. Depo prevents pregnancy in 3 ways. It is not possible to become (and sustain) a pregnancy until the depo is out of your system. This can sometimes take years. I loved the depo when I was on it, that is until the last 6 months. I loved that it was 1000 x effective, and that I didn't have a period for over 2 years. It is very easy to gain weight while on depo, acne, and hair loss were the negative symtoms I had. I also just learned that it can cause bone loss. Most doctors will not inform you of all of the problems, so it is definitely something to consider before taking the shot.


Wondering - March 22

Thanks Ginger! Great info! Since I originally asked the question, I've read so many negatives on Depo I think I'll steer clear of it. I had no idea it was so evil! Best of luck to you in ttc!! Thanks again.


Lori - March 22

I got pregnant on the depo shot so I don't know that I believe that it is hard for everyone.


kc - March 30

iv'e been off the depo injection for 11 months me and my partner are so desperate to have a baby.i really think there is something wrong with me .i thought at least by now i would be pregnant .i was on the depo for 3 years .does anyone have any advice or help they can give


scorpigrl - March 30

We are in the same boat...Because I am wondering the same thing. I was on depo for 2 yrs and recently stopped getting my injections in Septemer 04 (because of cost) I have been off for 6 mos. now and I think that I may be pregnant. But I don't think so because I have been bleeding for a while now and because I know they say it take a while. But I am having signs that make be think I am pregnant. Geesh


Ginger J - March 30

KC I know how that is. My husband and I tried for a year then got prego then I lost it but now I am 23 weeks w/ a healthy baby boy. I really wish dr.'s would advise their clients about the neg. depo has. I loved it while I was on it (except the weight gain and headaches). Good luck to you. I know you might be getting frustrated...hang in there, I believe it may just take your body a bit longer to get out of your system.


milly - April 3

i was on depo for 5 years i got off of it in August of 2004, me and my boyfriend have been trying to have a baby every since then its been 8 months and im still not pregnant i really want a baby and so does my bf how long will i have to wait til we can get are wish?if you have any advice ill take it! thanx


Danielle - April 4

I was on Depo for 3 years, It took me 25 months to get pregnant after the last shot. Besides the long wait I have no other complaints about Depo Provera I will be back on it after the baby arrives. Good Luck to all


no luck - April 19

my last depo jab was due in feb 2004 as i want another child i didnt go for it in about june my period came and i have had regular periods every 28 days since. it is now 19 april 2005 and still no sign of a pregnancy even though i have been taking my BBT and using ovulation kits. my doctor said i have to wait another 10 months before any investigations can be done has any one got any ideas on what else i can do


rose - April 19

here are thousands of horror might make you change your mind about the shot........


joanna - April 30

i got pregnant whilst on the depo provira and i am now exspevting twins. i will not take the depo again because i exsperienced severe depression the whole time and i lost my i did not want s_x at all i could of turned into a nun ha ha good luck


NELLY - May 1




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