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Melissa Barksdale - July 12

I'm having problems getting pregnant after stopped taking Depo Vera SHot. Is there a shot my gynocologist can give me to get birth control out my system?


Jen - February 15

I was on Depo for about a year and a half and it took almost 8 months to get my period back. I had heard of something that a gynocologist could give that would help bring your period back and I asked my doctor, but she said that I just have to let the Depo work its way out of my system naturally. According to her, there was nothing she could give me that could speed the process along. After I finally got my period back, I became pregnant the next month. I hope this helps!


Theresa - March 13

Recently, I've stopped taking Depo-Vera and I'm wondering when I'll get my period?


sandy smith - March 18

I only had two depo vera shots so far (6 months all together since it is every three months. The last one I had was on November 27, 2003. I had unprotected s_x on February 27th, exactly three months after the last shot. Which means I was due that day for the shot. I am scared I could have gotten myself pregnant. Although I see where some are saying it takes months sometimes to get your period back. I don't want to take a pregnancy test because I am not sure if it would be too soon to take one. I mean how will you know if you are pregnant if it takes so long for your period to return? When I was due for my second shot last year I started having a period. Due for the third shot I have noticed I am not having a period like I did the last time I had the past two depo shots.....Can anyone help me with some type of comments?


Christine - March 18

Probably Not, but try asking about artifically incimination.


tamara - March 24

goto your doctor, remember it takes 6-12 months before you can even think of getting prenant after getting off depo vera


LH - July 12

I have a friend that got the Depo Provera shot in April and got pregnant in May the baby is due in Feb. Can anyone tell me what effects this can have on her baby


Paricca - September 23

how long do it take the depo shot to get in me system? Does it take 30 days


Danielle - October 19

hi i was supposed to get my last depo shot in june and i didnt it is now october and i still dont have a period yet, and i had been feeling different lately and thought i was pregnant but the test turned out negative, how long will it take to conceive, will depo effect my baby?


Lisa - October 19

It has to run it's course out of your body...sorry. :( I hope it does not take too long for you.


Danielle - October 20

Thanks Lisa, I was wondering how are you supposed to know if you are pregnant when you dont know when to take the test without a period, because on all of the boxes it goes by your last period well i dont have one to go bye so I feel if I am pregnant I really dont know when I can take a test? Any suggestions and what does everyone feel about the test ept?


Liz - October 20

Im having the same problem. My last shot was Nov 2004. Still not preg...hmm....i feel like i will never get preg


msajai_daniels - November 17

I had the same question. No, there is no shot that your doctor can give u to have bc run out of your system. In my case it was depo. With depo you have to wait for it to run out of your system, and believe it or not that can take 6 months to 1 year for that to happen.


Jenny Alexandra - January 25

Like everything else, it depends on your body. Most of my friends that have used Depo Vera had to wait a while until they got pregnant, but one of them did get pregnant after a month. also, if you are on the Depo shot and miss your window to get it again, make sure that they give you at least two pregnancy test, since getting the shot when you are pregnant can cause a miscarriage or serious birth defects. therefore i would think that it would be better to wait few months before you get pregnant. Also, this medication can cause serious bone loss, increasing with longer use, talk to your Doctor about a Calcium suplement or vitamin to take while you are on Depo.



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