Depovera Shot

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CONFUSED - April 12



aw - April 12

it varies from women to women, it could vary at the most between 8 months to a year, that is what i was told by my obgyn, so i hope that helps some...good luck.


Lily - April 13

Every women's body is different. I can say from experience that it took my body a while to recooperate. My husband and I tried for over a year (every month cycle) to get pregnant. And my GYN said that it was probably because I had used depo when I was in college (and that was almost 4 years ago). Remember depo shots last 3 months, typically, so I think it would take anywhere from 6 months to a year to be completely out of your system, but I'm not a doctor. My advise is make an appointment with your doctor and talk to him about it. Good Luck.


rose - April 13

i am still trying after 3 years with no success....i still havnt gotten a period "aw" i wouldnt trust in what your obgyn said about the shot...i will never be the same.....check out this website............... am in the process of looking into a lawsuit against its makers....good luck


JCat - April 13

I had 3 depo shots. (I must add I think they should only recommended depo provera if there NO other forms of BC available, it's a posion)LOL sorry about my rant that evil little shot made me gain about 60-70 pounds in the nine months I was on it and gave me other bad side effects. Anyway, it took me about 10- 11 months to get preggers. I'm now about 6-7 weeks. (I wasn't trying tho)..... If you just quit or had your last shot. Don't expect to get pregnate right away. It took 6-7 months even to get my cycle back. Like many have said your wait may be shorter or longer depending on your body


Jenn - April 23

How long will it to get your period again after you stop taking the depo shot??


Babe - April 24

I was on the depo shot for almost 8 yrs and got pregnant while I was still on it. I was three weeks away from getting another shot, I am now 20 weeks. I also have a friend of mine that had just gotten off the shot didn't get a period and just found out she is 3 months pregnant. I think it all depends on the woman.


candace - April 29

my sister got pregnant about a month after she got off the shot, but they say you have a year.


jaz - May 11

what if you bleed after you get off the shot can you get pregnant


Nina - May 24

I got off the depo in december 05 and I am trying to have a babay with my husband...unfortunately I have had a period 3 months after but now I havent had a period since easter but no luck yet...whoever thought of depo really sucks


Harris - May 25

Took me 6 months


Kathi - May 26

Don't do it. My last shot was June 26, 02. I did not get my period until the following Spring, May I believe and that was only spotting. I didn't get pg. until November, 03. I have since suffered three miscarriages. My egg reserve is not healthy for a 30 year old. I have been seeing specialists for three months now hoping to have a successful pregnancy out of this. I do firmly believe that the depo has everything to do with my problem. Only one pregnancy was found to have a chromosome abnormality. Pleas don't do it.


daisy - May 30

can you still get pregnant if you got the shot?


Cherry - June 14

Can you get pregnant while on the depo shot?


violet - June 14

can you tell me more about the shot


[email protected] - July 1

does the shot mess with your hormones


cyndie7123 - July 5

has anyone felt pregnant while on the shot? i'm suffering with nausea for the past 2 weeks, like morning sickness...had my first and last shot just over 3 months ago



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