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JM - June 8

I have a child that is a year old by a guy who I had a one night stand with. He had a girlfriend at the time and is still with her. She is now pregnant with his child. He has not been there for my child like I expected him to. Now that she is pregnant and will have his child I feel he will not be there at all. All the attention will be on the new baby. I feel depress cause it is not my child's fault. She just turned one recently and he did not even bother to call on her birthday. I feel like he is just comsumed with this new baby and is not paying my child any attention.


Tigerphoenix - June 8

Ok not to sound harsh or anything but what do you expect from a guy you had a one night stand with? If it was a long term relationship like he and his girlfreind seem to have then your expectations should be that he would pay attention to your child. But in your situation its not. Honestly you can't expect him to be all lovey tword your child. He probably views it as a mistake. What you should be more concerned about is loving your child. The heck with the father. If he only stuck around for one night then he isn't worth the time or effort and you child will probably be better off. Just love and take care of your child. That is what he/she will need.


I hear you - June 8

I'm sorr yto hear that you are drepress i know what it is to be depress about anything, i will pray for you and your baby, just try to find someone you can talk to about anything that makes you feel better, God bless you and your baby.


Steph - June 8

I agree with Tigerphoenix completly. Also, if he pays his child support to you like he is required to do, that is all he has to do. He does not have to be a part of the child's life and there is nothing that you can do about it. You need to move on and take care of you and your child and down the road, I bet you will find a man who is willing to take care of your daughter and be the father figure role. Good Luck to you.


Christina - June 8

I think she should expect him to be lovely toward that child, it IS his child too regardless of whether or not it was a one night stand!!! I can totally understand your concern JM, that is terrible that he is not there for your baby and you should try and talk to him about it. That is ridiculous that people say that your should not expect him to pay attention to your child. You did not create this baby alone!! Not to offend anyone, but just because it was a one night stand does not get him off the hook. That little girl deserves a father regarless of the circ_mstances that brought her into this world!


Christina - June 8

**sorry I meant loving not lovely!!


Karen - June 8

Here is my two cents. You cannot force anyone to do what they dont want to do. Actions speak louder than words. I would not waste any more energy with worrying about him not paying attention. I would give my child all the love I can and make her feel special. I grew up without my father after he married my stepmother and had other kids with her I was almost out of the picture. I blame him cause at the end of the day I am his child and his respondsiblity. In the end it will be his loss.


Christina - June 8

I somewhat agree Karen, but I also think it is the childs loss as well. The reason I say this is because my Husband grew up without his father who also had another life and it still bothers him and he is 28. I know some people will say suck it up and move on, but it really hurts him.



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