Depressed And Pregnant

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Glasschicky - March 10

I'm almost 7 months pregnant and I can't help feeling stressed over the impending birth of my son. In the beginning I was thrilled I was pregnant but the bigger I get the more uncomfortable I get. My husband and mother keep making comments to me that I am fat which makes me self conscious. I have not gained any weight during my pregnancy, I've lost about 4lbs which isn't much but at this stage in my pregnancy I should be gaining weight I think it's the stress. It just seems that everytime I look in the mirror I want to burst into tears because I hate my shape. I am very much looking forward to the birth of my son but I have been so miserable throughout my pregnancy. Does anyone have any experience like mine and do you have any suggestions to make these last couple of months more bearable? Any suggestions would be great.


beebee4mee - March 10

Hi Gla__schicky, I saw your reply to the other gal, and read that you hadn't had anyone reply to you either, so I thought I would come check it out. I don't know why noone else responded, but I skipped it because I'm jealous of anyone that is pg right now and didn't want to be insensitive and tell you to suck it up. :o) j/k, because I do understand. My son is 7, and I have never got back down to pre-pg weight. I can get w/in 3-5lbs and then just can't reach it. I gained something like 80lbs with my first pg, so you are doing super and are actually probably even underweight at 7mos pg. Even if you don't feel like it, I will bet that you are one of those disgustingly adorable pg women that most women are completely envious of :o) This is a time of stress, definitely, which means that your mother and husband should be being supportive and not acting like *ssholes (which is what I would call someone telling a pg woman things like that!). You need to tell them so too, to absolutely stop putting you down because it is making you self-conscience which is something that is ABSOLUTELY uncalled for in your situation. Would they like a healthy bouncing baby, or an under-weight one that has to spend time in a NICU because they made you feel awful about gaining even a few pounds of weight to nourish your child. I understand the depression and anxiety, your life is being forever changed and all new experiences are just around the corner. Not to mention that you are pg and hormonal, making it seem worse. Relax, you'll be great, it's not rocket-science and plenty of idiots do it everyday. I'm trying to be humerous here, K. :o) I was terrified of having my son, I had wanted a girl so desperately because I had two younger sisters (10 & 9 yrs younger). I knew how to take care of baby girls, but there was not a single little boy in our family and taking care of boy issues terrified me. But I did fine, he's 7 now, and I managed not to break him or scar him too permanently I hope. ;o) He wants to be a Herpetologist and study lizards and frogs, so I think I let him play in enough mud as a toddler. Anyway, my point is, tell them to shove off. You are pregnant, and in my book every pregnant woman is beautiful no matter how little or big. Stand up straight, stick the baby bump out, and tell yourself and them how beautiful you ARE!! OK, off my soap box now, feel any better? :o)


Gla__schicky - March 10

Thanks so much for your reply I appreciate your sense of humour! I guess what bugs me is the fact I used to be alot smaller and like 2 years ago my doctor gave me meds which I gained 60lbs in 2 months, it was awful and I never lost the weight. I'm secretly happy I haven't gained any weight through the pregnancy and no I'm not a twig with a little belly! I WISH!!!! Once again thanks for your response, I hope it gets better from here on:) and you're really funny!


beebee4mee - March 10

If my post made you smile, or laugh at all, then I'm glad! :o) Good luck!



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