Depressed Can I Do This Again

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Sally - May 5

I'm 43 and was able to get pregnant twice in the last 4yrs. Both of the babies had down syndrome and I had late term abortions. My husband wants to keep trying for a healthy baby but I don't think I can bare to lose another child. Does anyone know what the chances of me having another child with Down Syndrome. My husband keeps saying the third time will be a charm.


R - May 5

I'm sorry I can't answer your question...I just wanted to let you know that earnest prayer is powerful. Just put it in God's hands, that is all you can do.


Lynn - May 5

It could be absolutely nothing to do with you.. it could be the sperm that is contributing to the down's. Don't blame yourself.


tiffani~edd 11/07/05 - May 5

I know the chances of having a baby with downs syndrome increases as you age, but I also know that so many women who are older than you have healthy babies. I don't think this is a question anyone here can answer for you. I think you have to have to decide if you can handle another loss, should it happen. Maybe your husband is right, the third one is the charm. My only thought is, would you always wonder "what if" if you don't try again? Take care. :o)


Jessie - May 5

I am sorry to hear about you last pregnancy’s, due to your age I am sure you know that it puts you at a higher chance for the baby to have down syndrome. I am not saying don’t continue to try, if that’s what you and your husband really want than so be it. But you also have to think about you and your well being as well. If this is just going to tear you apart again and cause havoc in your life I would not do that to myself and my husband once more. There are so many beautiful children out there who don’t have homes or mommies and daddies. Consider adoption, you sound like you would be a wonderful mother. May you be blessed with joy, love, and a beautiful healthy baby.


Harry - May 5

I'm surprised people aren't bashing you for killing two kids. I guess people don't mind if you abort late term if the kid is retarded.


Jessie - May 5

OMG, don’t do that to her, do you have any idea what she has to live with. She dose not need you rubbing it in her face this is very traumatizing for a woman. I am a special Education teacher, do you have any clue how life absorbing and mentally challenging it is for a parent to have to raise a Down syndrome child?????? 60 percent of Down syndrome parents put there children in special homes and never see them again. At least she knows she cant do it and is not putting that poor child through that kind of life. I don’t agree with abortion at all, but come on, who the hell are you to judge some one???? Last I heard GODS NAME WAS NOT HARRY!


Karen - May 5

Sally I am so sorry to hear about your losses. The decision to try again is entirely up to you. Harry I think that you are being very mean and judgemental. Maybe you should put yourself in her shoes and see if you would want a child with a disability. Sally was not asking for judgements she was seeking advise and support. That is what this forum is about not making judgement calls. HOW DARE U ?!!!!


Lynn - May 5

Seriously Harry - get a life. WHat's the saying.. something about not judging until you've walked a mile in their shoes?...



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