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jai - November 20

sorry to lay this on you all but i feel very depressed and i have NO ONE to talk to mostly because no one understands...i used to be bulimic and i overcame that and started feeling good about myself and my body, my whole life my family would say you need to lose a little weight, and make me feel real unhappy about my weight so i eventually would make myself throw up, i've gotten over that but now that i'm 28 weeks pregnant everyones like "you look big as a barn" and making me feel bad about my weight, i was never skinny and ive put on extra weight from quitting smoking during this pregnancy too, but i feel horrible when people say these things...ive delt with weight my whole life and i finally wish people would just leave me alone. me and my boyfriend are also about to end our relationship, hes been abusive and i definatly do not want my baby around that, and i'll do anything to protect her from that...its just all driving me crazy! thanks for listening...


AA - November 20

Sorry to hear about all your going through . Stay strong .


AA - November 20

Sorry, I'd gotten interupted. What I wanted to say is that I know how you feel, about the bulimia-I mean. It's sad that your bf and you are breaking up but I think your doing the right thing from what you've told us. You definatly want to bring your baby into a healthy and loving environment and not put her a t risk. I've been bulimic since I was a child and now I"m 6 wk. almost7wks pregnant. My hubby knows everything so he's a strong support for me but it's tough. I'm already feeling huge. I've already gained like 6 lbs. and I eat healthier and less than I used to so I know how you feel about that. Just tell those people-i"m not huge, I'm pregnant. You can't grow another human being and stay small. Anyway enjoy this time as guilt free baby growing time. Don't feel bad about how you look because once you hold your daughter it'll be worth every second of it. Just worry about the weight later. Just enjoy yourself, and eat guilt free. Good Luck beautiful mommy


ally - November 20

Do not go near the ppl that are making u feel bad, keep away for a while. You know i am slim, always have been and i had morons during pregnancy call me fat even tho i wasnt, its a moron that can call a pregnant lady fat cause ur pregnant ... not fat. You are doing well quitting smoking as its hard and i really think even if its family making u feel that way u need to stay away from them for a while, tell them why u are and hopefully they will quit their insults and be more understanding like they should be. As for someone hitting u .. u need to leave and never look back, u never stay once after someone hits you, i dont want to quote my life too much cause its ur life in question but my partner of 4 yrs recently left me and my baby, he wasnt abusive, just caused me as many tears as what he did smiles. You need to get out from this situation, u think u have no strength to do it. You would be suprised at the strength life seems to give u and u dont know u have that strength until its time to use it. Your baby will bring u so much strength just by their smile alone, if i can do it, anyone can and so can you. You do have the strength to get away from this man but u wont realise again how much strength u have until u leave him... I wish u every happiness and again stay away from the name calling jerks, family or not cause i do believe only an idiot would call a pregnant woman fat, take care



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