Depression Already

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Rachel - May 9

I am nearly 21 weeks. I find out in 1.5 days the s_x of the baby. I am already depressed. I haven't felt any obvious movement. I was already overweight and the more weight I gain and the more stretch marks I get, the more depressed I get. I am worried that I am not ready for this even though I am almost 30 years old. I am terrified of pregnancy, money, child rearing, etc... Is this normal? Thanks,


Lissi - May 9

Rachel, it's very common to be afraid of the future when you think of the responsibilty you're taking on. I've often had moments of self-doubt and I know I'm not the only one. I think it would be abnormal and rather careless of you if you didn't worry! :-) I think you will feel better when you start to feel more movement and you know whether you have a boy or a girl in there. I was feeling the same way as you, and I still do on occasions, but when I saw my little girl moving around inside me, I felt really connected to her and it made everything seem a lot brighter. I'm 23 weeks now and she's only just starting to give me a few strong kicks. I feel that the love I have allready started to feel for my baby will get me through the hard times.


NickieDo - May 9

Schew...i'm right at 13 wks and I hear ya!...Hang in there...we are bound to make it through :)


KrisD - May 10

Hang in there Rachel! I am about the same age as you (a year older) and I have doubts all the time. I certainly have had my depressive moments, too!! Especially with the bigger I get... I am terrified too, but the farther along I get more excited. I wanted this baby so badly, and still wonder if I am capable, if we can afford it, etc, etc,etc!It's just so true what they say... This is such an emotional time!


Maddie - May 10

I find myself getting depressed/scared too. I get mad at my husband though...not too much, but over little things. Like, he didn't come to my aunts house with me on Mother's Day, cause he "didn't want to", so I cried, and called him selfish. I was right though wasn't I? =)



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