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sillypickles - January 22

I am 12 weeks pregnant been dealing with horrible hopelessness crying thoughts of loseing the baby I had a misscarriage at 4 weeks in september it still hurts I also am on limited activety feel awful like im gonna blimp out I don't know if that is from the anorexia I had struggled with or just because need to know how to deal with it. I want to enjoy pregnancy.Also there is a pretty good clot behind my placenta baby looks fine but doctor is concerned having only old blood hopefully it will absorb or pass any way for all you pregnant christians out there please pray for me thank you for letting me share my heart aches today with you


mjvdec01 - January 22

I will. Any time you want to talk, I am here a lot. l know things for you are really hard right now, but, you have got to stay positive. You have almost made it to your second trimester, and that is a huge milestone. The doctor said the baby looks fine and you have to have faith in that. About the weight gain, who cares, your body isn't yours right now, it belongs to that baby and whatever he/she wants it to do it will do. There will be plenty of time to get back in to shape after the baby comes. If you think you are struggling with after thoughts of anorexia then maybe you need to talk to a professional? A friend of mine is on bed rest right now in the hospital 27 weeks with contractions, a placental tear and a blood clot as well, that is starting to resorb. What you need is a distraction. Can you plan to have some friends over, or go to a movie, maybe regular lunches with friends or family. Buy some unis_x baby stuff. Search on line for a crib. You have got to do something. You are going to have a baby in a few short months and you need to enjoy being pregnant. I know you must be a bit frightened, but, try to have some fun. Things will turn out just fine.



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