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desperate need help - November 18

Hello. My husband and I have started to try to conceive. However, I am VERY irregular and get my period every other month. My cycles are 65-75 days. My last period was Oct 25th. We first had unprotected s_x 12 days ago. I have been feeling nausea but NOT throwing up. Also I have bad cramps. Could I be pregnant even though my cycles are 65-75 days and I prob won't get my period until December 28th? Also how soon can you take a pregnancy test after you have had unprotected s_x?


lilmama - November 21

morning sickness is different for everyone. Not everyone throws up. Some people dont even get it at all. You should wait for a missed period for a test, or you will probably waste your money. You could be pregnant, and the test may not show yet. Blood tests show up sooner, I think. Cramps could be a symptom of pregnancy, or just that your period is coming up. Good luck, and hey- if you are not pregnant, dont worry- you will be soon, just keep trying!


christie - November 21

that is exactly what happened with me... i would go months without having a period and then i would have two in a month... very irregular. But I hadn't had my period in about to months when my husband and i tried to get pregnant. Anyway it worked! I felt sick a few weeks later. It just felt like a hangover... so I took a test or four that day and all were positive. Get a couple boxes and find out for yourself. Good luck!


amanda - November 22

Usually a test is most reliable first thing in the morning the day you miss your period, but since you are so irregular I would go to the doctor if you really want to know. If you are not pregnant, dont try so hard! I have 3 sons and am 6 mo. pregnant for a girl. From experience, it was much easier to concieve when we weren't trying. I don't know why, maybe it was stress, who knows? Good luck!



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