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megan - August 24

I've tried the pill, the patch, the ring....nothing has worked for me. Exactly 18 hours after I begin taking the bc I get extremely sick. I'm running out of options....does anyone know anything about the intrauterine device? (IUD) I've thought about that, but there's a risk of infertility in the future? Please help! Thank you in advance.


- August 25

i have two sisters that are on it and they love it, its better then taking the pill they said. look in to it talk to ur doc. good luck


brittany - August 25

the only thing about the iud is that you have to have already had a baby for your doctor to put one in, if a doctor does it before you have ever had children, some doctors still do it, but it is very bad for you


Audrea - August 25

Megan, I am in the same boat as you. I cannot use birth control due to the side effects, the hormones make me extremely sick, just like this pregnancy has. I literally do not know what I am going to do after I have this baby. Even condoms are no good for me, I am allergic to latex and also the spermicide inserts you can use I am very sensitive too and it makes me swell up. I used to check my temp. and know my ovulation days, but that can also get you pregnant if you ovulated on an abnormal day and do not know, which is what happened to me. I have also heard that the IUD does not keep conception from happening, it keeps the embryo from implanting to the uterus, so depending on what type of birth control you are willing to use and what it exactly does, for me the IUD is out due to conception already occuring, there are a lot of things to think about before you go that route. My aunt also got pregnant with one in and that can be very dangerous. It could have embedded into the fetus while it was growing, she was very lucky, or cause a miscarriage at any stage, but this is very rare to get pregnant with one.


Candace - August 25

I am horrible at remembering to take pills so I am trying to talk my hubby into a vasectomy. Alternatively, I have been researching a natural product called Neem. It's all natural, but seems to be just as much of a ha__sle, if not more, as taking a pill daily.



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