Desperate To Be

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Desperate to be............ - August 31

I was told several months ago that I have level 1 cervical cancer. I am so desperate to have a baby. I was wanting to know if it at ALL possible to still get pregnant and what are the chances>>>>>> I am so sad and all I want is a baby!!!!!!!! Please someone help me!!!!


Desperate to be....... - August 31

Someone PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :(


Frances - August 31

I am sorry to hear about your situation but I don't know anything about cervical cancer and the possibilities of getting pregnant. I will be praying for you!


MILISSA - August 31



Desperate to be............. - August 31

I appreciate your posts. I also appreciate the prayers!!!!! Please if anyone else has any answer PLEASE!!!! I am afraid of the answer that I may get from the doctor. I would HATE to be told that it is not possible!!!!!


aasfff - August 31



Desperate to be......... - August 31

Please someone give me an answer or a site where i can get information/ thank you


Shannon - August 31

Have you had any treatments yet....I'm going through the same thing and was told you CAN get pregnant, but if you have had treatments to remove cells it can make it very hard. Otherwise if you have not had treatments and get pregnant then you have to wait unitl the birth to have anything done to remove cells. Hope I could help. Good Luck!


Jess - August 31

I am sorry to hear about your situation. My Aunt pa__sed away from cervical cancer when she was 50. From reading my nursing books, it states that if the cancer is localized to only the cervix area and not in the uterus, there is a proceedure that doctors do for women still wishing to have children. The proceedure involves removing part of the cervix. My book is a few years old, so there maybe a newer proceedure that doctors will do. Level 1 cancer sounds like it has not spread past the localized area of the cervix, but this is only a guess on my part - I am unable to find anything explaining what the levels of cancer mean, so you are advised to ask your doctor for further explainations. So in a nut shell what I am trying to say it that if your cancer has not spread beyond the localized area of the cervix, there are proceedures doctors use for women who are wanting to have children. So there is hope for you and I hope this makes you feel better. Let me know how things work out for you.


Desperate to be........... - August 31

That is GREAT news that yall have provided!!!!! Thanks & I hope that I do not have any problems conceiving! I got diagnosed in March


Gloria - August 31

wrong one.. Sorry didn't mean to post under this one.



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