Desperate To Find Out If Im Pregnant

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kyliez - June 3

can any1 plz tell me if my 1st day of my last period was on the 23rd of may and it finished on the 28th and i had unprotected s_x 7 times over the course of that night and the next day its now 12 days after the 1st day of my last period could i be pregnant and how early am i able to find out im desperate to know ill have a blood test urine whatever just really wanna know what my chances r of falling please answer me and i havnt had any of the discharge they say u get when u ovulate yet please answer any1


clindholm - June 3

Do you know when you ovulate? It is hard to say your chances, are those the only days you were s_xually active? Ovulation *usually* accurs between day 10-16 but can be earlier or later for some. When are you due for your period? Typically women ovulate 14 days prior to their period, that's not to say that all do. The earliest you should test is the day you period is due.


kyliez - June 3

my period is due again roughly around the 21st of june i got told i was in the midddle of ovulating now due to my dates but i havent had any of the disharge they say u get when u do app it looks like egg yolke and yes over that night and next day we had s_x 7 times unproteced he blew in me every time but thats the only s_x ive had to date.


E586467 - June 4

kyliez I don't know who told you it looks like egg yolk because that is wrong. It looks like egg WHITE when you ovulate - clear, stretchy & very slippery. Like clindholm said women typically ovulate 14days before their next period, so going by the date you expect your next period it is VERY unlikely that you are pregnant if you only had s_x the night & day after your period (no matter if you did it 1 or 100 times). Sperm can only live for 5 days inside you so they would all be well & truly dead by the time you ovulate.


clindholm - June 4

I agree with E586467, and living 5 days is the best case scenario. I don't think you have anything to worry about.


Grandpa Viv - June 5

S_x on day 5 of your cycle is very unlikely to get you pregnant, and since you don't likely ovulate until Jun 7, you would not be pregnant yet anyways. Good luck!


georgelakshmi - June 12

What is the length of your cycle? If it is 27 days then your period has to come on 19th June and if it is 28 days then it has to come on the 20th June and so on so wait until you miss your period by these said dates. Lakshmi



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