Dez And Km Where Are You

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~m~ - March 3

Hey girls, have those sweet little babies got you working overtime? :o) Haven't seen you guys in a while. Hope everything is ok!


E - March 3

I was wondering the same. Where are you hot-mommas??


KM - March 3

lol hey girls! I pop in once and awhile and sneak in the occasional post. I've been busy with Aaron, and school. we are possibly moving next mnth.Just have a lot going on I guess.. Plus the ol' s_x drive is back lol. I was a little scared at 1st that s_x was ruined forever, but I guess thats what happened after you have a baby. one of my best friends is actually pregnant now, which I feel kind of weird about the whole situation. Shes 3 mnths now, and she JUST had an abortion this past Sept.I don't understand how someone can be so careless? E, is that baby not here yet???!! ~m~ I read your posts about your miscarriage, So sorry this had to happen to you. I have faith that you will eventually have your little Lucy.


dez - March 4

I am here lol E you are way hotter then me pregnant. I try to come in often but when i even think about posting that ana starts screaming, lol. Plus i picked up an extra day of work I need alot more money now especially if i want to keep my old shopping habits. m I am so so sorry I wanted you to have a baby so badly I wish i could do something, you know like get you pregnant myself, lol. Im kidding-seriously though I hope those dr.s find the right thing for you. I still havent started birth control and i am not pregnant yet (no im not trying) but i have a serious problem with hormone birth controls because that depo screwed my body up so badly. Plus it took us like 2 years before i got pregnant with ana and we werent using any form of bc so i think i got use to that carless s_x,lol. instead of baby dust it is s_x dust for the evening. I got my s_x life back after the baby (not that is was all extravigent before) i think i could count on one hand how many times we got it on while i was pregnant. I changed it


? - March 4



E - March 4

Hello KM and Dez!!! Welcome back mamas! LOL at Dez getting ~m~ pregnant. That would make a great Jerry Springer show. KM - are you too busy humping the rod to chat with us, lol? Good for you:) It is wonderful that you are feeling s_xually healthy. I hope your babies are doing well. KM - are you moving out of Canada or to a new home in the same city?


~m~ - March 4

LOL! KM, you h__y little devil!! --- And LOL at you Dez. If you can figure out a way to get me pregnant from Colorado, bring it on baby! I hope to get my test results in next week, but if not, it should be the week after that. I'm sure you all have figured out I'm highly impatient, so it is a b___h having to wait like this!! --- KM are you almost finished with school. I don't know how it works in Canada, but at the HS I teach at, the seniors are just a few weeks away from being finished. They always get out around the beginning of April. Good hearing from you guys!


E - March 4

Yeah ~m~, you know the saying MILF (American Pie)? You must be the TILF at school. I am leabing to pick up hub so if you do not know what that is, I will write later. See ya!!


~m~ - March 4

OMG! It is so funny that you say that. I absolutely LOVE American Pie. Everytime I see that dude on something else, I refer to him as the MILF guy! Last year, this 10th grade boy asked me, "Mrs. ~m~, do you have kids?" I said, "Yeah, two sons." He said, "Oh, well then that makes you a MILF." And he giggled. I said, "Joey, you may not think I watch TV, but I've seen American Pie, and if you ever say anything like that to me again, you'll regret it!" It was like a deer caught in the headlights!! His eyes were buggin' and he was so nervous. He apologized and then kissed my a__s for about 2 weeks! It was funny!


KM - March 4

haha TILF.. LOL. E, we are staying in the same city, just right now we live in the bas____nt of my parents house, we moved in with them (cheap rent) when I got pregnant so we could save money.. we were really worried about finances, but now were doing really well, so we're looking around for our own place. well, currently I'm doing my courses at home, I only need 3, so I'm doing them correspondance through a community college. That way I can stay home at Aaron. I think when I'm done them I'm going to look for a job at a call center for the summer, because I won't start college until sept. I'm not even sure what I'm going to take yet, there's just so many options and I guess I'm really open minded so it's hard to make a decision. I'm kind of leaning toward a legal I wanna be the s___tty secretary type.. lol jk. I was going to go to uni. but I dont think it would be too easy to be a mom and go to university full there are no good ones in this area, and I dont want to leave all our family. GRR I just made a lasagna, and stupid mike ate it ALL lol. so now, I have no supper. friggin men. Okay no s_x for him tonight. we are going to look at another place tonight actually, and then I think im gonna go tanning. :) Aaron's got a babysitter



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