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KM <3 - November 7

Hey everyone!!!! Just randomly came here to check in, and noticed your other post. Thank you for remembering me! :) I have just been so busy I forget about this place! I belong to another forum called PQA and it is amazing I recomend you guys check it out! Wow so, I have missed a lot! Glad to see everyone is well! congrats on the pregnancies! My family is doing great, we are celebrating Aaron's first b day this month.. omg where did the time go :( hes not even a baby anymore! I am ttc #2 and have been for a few mnths now.. not overly trying but not preventing. not stressing about it! I am in college now, I was taking business but just recently switched to this course which is shorter and I can start working faster, Im going to work in the hospital doing computer stuff or receptionist type work. Im really excited. Maybe once in there I will find another job within there that interests me and go to uni for it.. I am thinking nursing but not sure if I could hack it! Okay, everyone post their sites again so i can see pictures! Mine is and if any of you girls have msn messenger, let me know i will give u my e mail!


Dez - November 8

Hey there girl how are you? I know what you mean I cant believe that aaron and ana are going to be a year. Good luck on ttc but seriously hold off as long as you can, my body is hurting double and earlier then before. I am having a boy, so I am done probably for good. What are you doing for Aarons birthday? I am just doing Ana's at Chuck E Cheese, so they can clean up the mess. I am on rest for a week because I was bleeding, I meant to ask if bleeding was normal around 20 weeks because it didnt happen with ana, and when I went to the hospital they really acted messed up with me, like why was I there. Would you guys of went in if you were in the situation? I think I am just tired of work being on my feet has my hips and pubic bone hurting like hell. Anyways enough about me KM I am glad that things seem to be getting better for you, good luck on your job and school. Ana's site is I have aarons and I always check it out, he is so cute, is he walking yet?


KM - November 8

hey Dez, that is weird the way the hospital treated you with the bleeding.. I know I certainly would have went. Any blood during pregnancy would scare me and I wouldnt take the chances of not seeing someone just to be sure ya know. Wow a boy :) that is awesome that you know what youre having. they dont tell here. No walking yet over here, pretty darn close though, he is running around the furniture and needs minimal support for balance, he will let go sometimes and take a few steps


E (now Narcissus) - November 8

KM - HELLO!!! We have missed your sweet face:) Aaron is incredibly handsome! He is growing up so fast. I can't believe that last year we were all pregnant....I need to get a sibling for Aja. Best wishes with school. You are young so I tend to think it is easier. I am 32 and school is an impossibility for me. I think you stop being able to learn once you hit the late 20's!! Aja is doing well and is nice and plump:) His site is Oh, I am Narcissus now but you can still call me E! :) :)


Narcissus - November 8

LMFAO ~m~!! I would have "done" c___pped my pants if I saw that. There is a lot to see "in this here South".


KM - November 8

OMG Aja is soooooooooo cute!!! hehehe :) ~m~ you are seriously gorgeous! hot mama! ;) and your boys are adorable. beautiful family!


KM - November 8

ohh forgot to mention. I am late right now!! :) YAY Im having some cramps, so If I dont start by Friday I will test. Its hard to know because my cycles has been all messed up since giving birth and sometimes my periods are just randomly like two weeks late. but my last one was pretty close to on time. I Didnt baby dance too much this month, but i guess all it takes is once. I have no idea when I O either and I am too cheap to buy an ovulation kit,.


tiffani~ :o) - November 9

Hey ladies! Just have a moment to stop and say hi! All is well around here. Baby Dylan, who is 8 days old today, is absolutely wonderful! He's quite the b___st man, if you know what I mean. Hubby actually found some time during his paternity leave to get our website up and running. I know he's put some pics on, so as soon as he gets home tonight i'll get the address and pa__s it on to you all. I can't believe all these beautiful babies we all have. Babies are so addicting, aren't they. I'm wondering if i'll ever be able to honestly say, this is the last baby for me. Well hoochies, my boss (Dylan) is calling. I'll be in touch soon. ~m~ I'll email you a pic of Dylan. Take care! :o)



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