Diabetes So Scared

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elle - November 20

on friday i got my blood gluclose test i'm still waiting on the results since my dad has diabetes im at high risk, and i'm very scared because all i hear is "your gonna have an obese baby" how many of you has had GB and a healthy sized baby? also my baby measures normal with my number of weeks does this mean the baby is normal sized?


elizabeth - November 20

I took the test and the results came out normal. But i am anemic.If you do have it, just do everything you can, but let me inform you that there is ALOT of people who dont have diabetes have big babies. my cousin didnt have it and she had a 9 pound girl. And im 28 weeks pregant and my baby is a little bigger than some ...im sure you will have a great healthy baby. IF you are measuring normal, there is no need to worry right yet. If the baby turns out to be a big baby, im sure it will still be as healthy.


Lynn - November 21

I have GD and my baby is said to weigh about 8#5 ozs now at 39 weeks, so a pretty normal sized baby. If you do have GD just stick to the diet, keep your sugars in check & everything will be fine. Its really important to stick to the diet in the last few weeks of pregnancy in order to avoid complications in the newborn. Just because you have GD does not mean you are destined for a super-sized baby. I know people with GD that have had 6 pound babies and people without GD that have ahd 10 pound babies. Follow your doctors orders & you will be o.k.


shaletta - November 21

Hi elle, i agree with Lynn, I had GB with my daughter, and she was 6lbs,14oz. I stuck to the diet that my doc recommended, and everything was fine, i did not require insulin, thank god, i do not have it this time around, i'm now 37 weeks pregnant, due Dec.11.


t - November 21

your baby might be bigger but as long as you keep you sugar under control by diet or medication i do not think obese is a right word for it



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