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:( - October 28

I am 37 wks, and really curious to know if I am dialating or effacing.Just because I think if I knew I was at least starting to progress it would be light at the end of the tunnel kind of thing.(im anxious to get this baby out lol) My doctor told me that they don't check to see because it doesn't really mean anything..The only time they will check is have you're leaking fluid or having contractions..I'm dissappointed.


Melissa - October 30

Most doctors will check at 37 weeks and beyond. You can request to be checked at you visits. Your doctor should be happy to do that.


Dez - October 30

I asked my dr. and he told me that they dont like to check until about 39-40 weeks, because everytime they open you are exposed to bacteria. So they only check when its getting later to see if your dialating and effacing on your own. and if your not making any progress by then, thats when they start talking about induction to give labor a jump start. I asked my dr. if i was gonna be one of those who went all the way to 32 weeks, and he told me that they wouldnt let me go that far, I will be 38 weeks on tue so at least I know its only a few weeks away at the most. I wonder if there is any way to help us start dialating. S_x is out of the question for me because my hubby wants the baby to stay in there as long as possible, and he knows im trying to jump his bones so i can try and go into labor lol. If they had only the slightest idea of how horrible we feel.


:( - October 30

How exactly do they check for dialating/effacing? is it painful? Yeah my bf also does not want the baby to come out. I'm actually kind of mad about it because HE was the one who was all for keeping this baby and the first place and all of a sudden he is chickening out after I have been through almost nine months of this hell.


Dez - October 30

my dr. told me they put there fingers inside and if you havent started to efface your cervix will feel like a little valcanoe and as it starts to thin out it spreads out allowing you to start dialating, if you havent started to dialate then they cant even fit one finger inside your cervix, and as your start dialating they use there fingers to measure how much you have dialated.


Crystal - February 1

I am 37 weeks and 2 days they checked me to see if I was dialated I am 1 cm thats progress for me



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