Diaper Bags

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klm - March 9

Oh my gosh! Have you guys seen the Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bags? (www.petuniapicklebottom.com) They are so adorable, I must have one! If I don't stop spending money I am gonna be in trouble, I just can't help myself with all of the adorable baby stuff out there! Are you guys going crazy with the baby shopping?


E - March 9

Way cute!! Are they expensive? I like the "Paris Weekend" tote.


Lyla - March 9

Oh my Gosh! I love these baby bags. I really was not a diaperbag gal, but I will definately sport one of those. I even looked up 2 stores that sell them near home, ss I won't have to order by mail. Thanks so much! Oh and continue to share new hip baby items.


klm - March 9

They are expensive but they are so gorgeous when you see them in person. A whole changing station zips right out of the front, it's really cool!


~m~ - March 10

Sorry to b___t in on your thread klm... E, have you noticed the links at the bottom? I think the theory about this site picking up on key words is proven true! :o) ----- klm, very posh bags! I like the Jaguar Boxy Backpack. I also like the Paris Weekend!


E - March 10

Heehee ~m~. I knew it. Hey, how much are these bags?


Julie - March 10

Try ebay they have some beautiful handmade diaper bags with beading and they are custom made.


Kim - March 12

I love these, too! They also carry them at two stores in my town! Think I need to check them out. Anyone interetested in the prices when I get the chance?


klm - March 12

The boxy backpacks run about $150, The shoulder bags $170, & the toddler totes $120. Very expensive! I am saving all my extra money, it will be my one big splurge!!!


Kim - March 12

I just got back from the store that carries them. It's still too early for me to buy anything but I got an unexpected bonus check from work last week and I think I'll put it aside to make a little purchase in a few months. I saw the boxy one for 148. and the shoulder tote for 179. Very cute.


Lindsey - March 12

You can bet I'll have one of those with my next pregnancy!!! Oh how hip! I hate having something that looks so 'uncool'! Keep us updated on any other interesting finds! I'll definitely have to save for that! Unless of course hubby will buy it for me!


klm - March 17

Check eBay you can get a really good deal. I just bought the bag & a matching blanket ($220 retail) for $155, it is like getting the blanket free! I am so excited, I can't wait to get it!


CR - March 18

I am sorry but those bags are so UGLY!! They look like something my grandma would buy. No Thanks


Oh Yea! - March 18

Thats your own Damn opinion b___h! By the way.....your grandma is one hip momma!


CR - March 18

Yeah, you need to calm down. Maybe some anger managment cla__ses. That is my opinion, just like everyone else who thinks the bags are cute. It's just an opinion! Take it down a notch


* - March 18

I think people are just sick of all the negative comments on here, they are totally unnecessary. You know what they say, "If you don't have something nice to say..."


to CR - March 19

Yes, you are certainly ent_tled to your opinion but if you don't like the bags, you really don't need to comment at all. I've seen a bunch of your posts before and we are better off without comments like yours. There are other boards out there - go find them! Opinions are great but you really don't need to be so rude, especially when there are people excited about what they just purchased.



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