Diaper Expenses

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~E~ - July 21

For mothers w/ children, how much do you spend per month on diapers and how old is your child?


MM - July 22

Oh diapers. My daughter is now 4 yrs and I am 15 weeks preg with second one. Just plan on using 8-10 diapers a day. Sometimes that is too much other times it is perfect. That way you at least have an idea. I tried all different brands of diapers. Pampers I must say are the best, soft and dont cut into the baby at all. I noticed with Huggies the sticky tab was so wide it always dug into my daughter. So trial and error. I will be using pampers again. they are the best


~E~ - July 22

So, would $50 a month for diapers be a realistic expectation?


MM - July 22

i would say that is pretty close. Next time you go to the store take a look at diapers and the brand that you are going to use and see how many are in a package. The smaller the diaper the more you get so as time goes on that 50 dollar allowance may not be enough. But for now that should be plenty


Heidi - July 22

What about formula? What's everyone spending a month on this?


Jamie - July 23

Not to be a preacher or anything...but why use disposable diapers and formula? Cloth diapers are cheaper, and better for the environment, and b___st milk is free.


Tammy - July 23

My son had to go on Nutramigen ready-to-feed only. It's about $8.50 a can. That's about $60.00 a week.


HP - July 23

Jamie.. I get a 3 month pregnancy leave. Maybe during those 3 months I can use cloth diapers. But after I go back to work, I won't have time for cloth diapers, since I will want to spend my time at home being with my baby, instead of washing diapers.


Heidi - July 25

Anyone else formula feed? What brand and what are you paying a month do you think? I just want to be prepared!


MM - July 25

I use formula. I know everyone says b___st is the best. Well My b___sts were so HUGE that my 1st could not even latch on so I used formula. I used Similac or the Wal-mart brand of Similac. Same stuff but cheaper. In the begining I only bought the smaller cans because we did not go through it all that fast and then it was almost 2 big cans a week. In the begining plan on 1-1 1/2 cans a week. just plan 40-50 a month for formula. Dont let anyone make you feel bad about not b___st feeding or using cloth diapers. I tried cloth and they were not for me. I was even a stay at home mom. Just a pain if you ask me. Everyone is different and prefers different things. Go with what you feel you want to do.


Heidi - July 25

Did you try the powder formula? I heard it was cheaper.


BBK - July 25

~E~ 8 to 10 diapers per 24 hours in the beginning, but it gets better after a couple of months I heard. Jamie, as far as b___stmilk being free, that's good but sometimes it's not enough. My wife could barely produce 2 oz in the first week and each feed had to be supplemented with formula. The baby would cry and try to latch on to anything... what's a parent to do? Now she only needs about 10% formula, but it was great to have it available in the first few days. We use the powder similac advanced and it's great for our baby. The ready made formula is astronomically expensive compared to the powder and we find it easier to carry. Agreed that pampers are best. No matter how you put them on they never leak or are tight on the baby


~E~ - July 25

Thanks MM and BBK. So, pampers huh?.... I just got a costco membership this weekend because I have read that they have good prices on diapers in bulk AND I didn't see pampers... only huggies!?


Steph - July 25

I must say that my fave diapers were Luvs. Cheap and when my daughter was 18-24 months they did not leak in the night, which was awesome!! I would say the worst for me was White Cloud by Walmart. I only used those when money was tight...


BBK - July 25

I can only vouch for the newborn type since those are the ones we used so far. The hospital had huggies and they are not bad at all, just not as good. (made marks on my daugher's waist and thighs). The local costco in Brooklyn only had sizes 3 4 and 5, so I could not buy them, but they DID have pampers. I also heard babies-r-us has good sales on diapers. BTW the newborn diapers are for infants up to 10 lbs while size 1 are from 8 to 14 lbs. So get some newborns, but get more size 1, because you'll use them longer.


~E~ - July 26

Thanks Steph and BBK. Good to know that cosco does carry pampers. I will look again and maybe check out another costco. Will keep Babies-r-us in mind too (didn't even think to look at the prices there). Good stuff!



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