Diarrhoea In Pregnancy

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chezed19 - April 15

Hi Ladies, Just wanted to know if anyone has had diarrhoea in their pregnancy, i have for 2 days nearly, i get bad stomach cramps but once i have been to the loo they go, then come back when i need to rush again. I am feeling better today, i just wondered if anyone else has had the same thing. Please answer


Foxy - April 15

I had quite often in the first couple of months. My midwife said it's normal and just down to hormones.


poo on th pot - April 18

When I am in the bathroom I sing this: When your slidin into first and you feel a sudden burst...diarreah...


Billie - April 18

LMAO!!!! I haven't heard that in years!!!!!!


?????/// - April 18

yes it is normal get those pains and when i feel it i have to go .Its wierd how you body changes during pregnancy


nelly - April 18

I have had it too its normal


Feel your pain! - April 19

go on the brat diet- it'll help.. you can find the recipe under 1st trimester forum question Diarrhea... good luck! its normal and it sucks


Angelina - May 13

i have had it for two days too. i am very concerned and searching for info on net i have not been to my doc about i am however drinking lots of water and other fluids


monica - May 13

I had it a few times during my first trimester and maybe couple of times during my second trimester.


Maddie - May 13

I'm having it, and I'm in my third trimester. It could be diet...or I dunno...I wonder about it too.


Jodie - May 13

I had diarrhea for my whole first trimester, enjoy it while it lasts because now im terribly constipated in my second trimester


Ashley - May 14

my husband and i are ttc...i ovulated a little over a week ago...could diarrehea be a symptom? my bowel movements have been quite loose the past few days! Sorry tmi!!!


bump - May 17



charlie - May 19

yes. Keep needing to go even though I may have just been to the toilet. I'm in my late pregnancy


D +1 - May 28

I have it too. 7 weeks pregnant. Just read that it MAY trigger miscarriage. Concerned now. Perhaps should contact gynae.


Cate - June 6

Strangely enough, I'm 6 wks pregnant and have had diarrhoea the past two mornings. It worried me because I virtually never ever get it. (As the saying goes; I've a stomach like a horse.) I've been careful about what I eat so was wondering just what it could be. But it seems from the other responses it's not uncommon.


jessica - June 6

i think it can be the vitamens at times.



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