Did It Happen To Any Of U

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PYC - February 3

Hello, I am not sure yet if i am pregnant or not, but i wouldn't mind if i was. The few last mths i had dreams of pregnancy , births etc.. but the more disturbing is that my last AF ( a week ago now), i dreamt that my foetus was down the toilet and that i had gloves on and was trying to rescue it,i also saw the placenta and a lot of blood.And last night i dreamt about a tiny foetus ( it was a girl) and it was there i was looking at it, happy and all. Did anyone experienced strande dreams like that ? What could it be ? I am obssessed with preg. or was it a sign that i miscarried. Forgot to mention that my last AF was " abnormal", short(2 ds), very light, brown/pink and stringy.Never had this b4. What do u think ?


Rachel - February 3

I've had really strange dreams about a baby in my friends womb. She found out she was PG five weeks before I became PG. I think it is just because I was thinking about it so much. They were very bizzare too. So don't worry about your strange dreams. If I were you I would take a PG test because your last period may have been implantation bleeding instead of a real period. Good luck :)


PYC - February 3

Thank u Rachel, i was thinking the same, maybe my last AF was the side effect of BCP, but the last one was way too weird.I'll have to wait a few days though as i think it might still be too soon .I'll keep u posted. Good luck to u too.


PYC - February 3

sorry i meant what was more disturbing was my last dream b4 my last AF, but i guess u figured it out!


sharon - February 4

im not sure if i am too. i had dream i lost baby and it was a boy born at 5mths pregnant.really wierd!!!


PYC - February 5

Ummm Sharon, weird indeed ! Did u test yet ? I know that sometimes we take dreams for granted .sometimes it is a dream reveiling us something and sometimes it's just our emotions in images.Let me know if u find out that u are preg.Good luck to u !


sharon - February 5

if i am pregnant id be 11weeks,did test a a week ago while i had light on and off bleeding and it was negative but still dont feel too good so im going to get a check up on monday to see whats wrong.let me know what happens with you too.


PYC - February 5

If i am pregnant, i haven't got a clue how far i am. i'd say something like 7-9 weeks.Just when i have decided OK let it go, ur not pregnant, my 8 yo girl keeps on staring at my belly and says " ur belly is growing mom , it used to be flat! " which is true, so i'll do a last test and see what happens.I have this nagging feeling that i am preg. ( i look it too ). I'll let u know .


bump - February 10




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