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NeedAnswers - September 22

My period was due today. I was pretty sure it was coming. I had a lot of CM like normal, and started to cramp. I put a tampon in in the morning so I wouldnt have to rush to the bathroom when it came. The first day of my period is very heavy, always. and when i cramp it usually means it started. Well today, I had cramps for about 5 hrs and when i took my tampon out tonight it was basically clean. A little blood at the top. Did anyone get slight bleeding and then a BFP? Could this be implantation bleeding?


Janice - September 22

Im 30 weeks pregnant right now but when I first found out I was pregnant was when I was expecting my nornal heavy flow period all I got was like three days of this weird brown spotting...I was cramping like normal and my b___bs hurt (it felt like a normal period) but when the flow never came I took a test and sure enough! I would take a test and just make sure.


NeedAnswers - September 23

Thanks a bunch for your reply. I havnt checked this morning so im not sure if i bled last night or not. ill update you guys later


Kate - September 23

I thought I was getting my period four days early - no cramping or b___b soreness or anything, just very light brown bleeding that lasted for about a day or so and then stopped. Tested when my period was four days late and it came out positive! So there's a chance it could be implantation bleeding - best thing to do would be to take a test to find out - if you were due today the tests would give you an answer xx


D - September 23

That's so funny, i did the same thing, put tampon in and nothing came out, i actually did that for a couple of day then went and got one of those pg tests that can tell you if you're pg about 4 days earlier, i didn't have a light pink line i had a fushia line, that thing was PINK....took 2 tests to be sure....22 weeks now w/ second baby boy....



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