Did U Get Preg On The Pill

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Patty - October 20

I am wondering about people who have gotten pregnant on the pill. Did you miss one pill or more? Was it your first month on it? I am just curious. Did you get pregnant while taking it perfectly?


Erin - October 20

I got pg on Ortho Tri Cyclen Lo. It was my third month on the pill and I didn't miss any days. I didn't take them at EXACTLY the same time, but they were within 15 minutes. I lost the pg at 6 weeks though.


mommy of 2 - October 20

i got preggo with my first son on the pill, and yes i took it perfectly! my second son is a patch baby which i also followed directions to. guess i'm just really fertile!


Smiles - October 20

Wow! Mommy of 2 guess what is meant to be is just meant to be! :)


rl - October 20

no I took the pill for the last 5 years and never got prego I have really taken it off and on for the last 16yrs only going off to get prego this is my 3rd and last I am getting tubes done up this time getting to old to be on the pill (35yrs)


Patty - October 21

Wow! Some of you are really fertile! Mommy of 2- It makes me wonder if you ever found anything that works for you- are you pregnant now? rl, that has been my experience- no pregnancies, but I was just wondering how it usually happens. Kinda scary, really! Erin, sorry about the one you lost.


mommy of 2 - October 21

my second son is just 4 weeks old today! i'm going to ask my doc about an IUD because obviously hormone birth control does not work for me!


teigan - October 22

i got pregnant with my first, whilst i was on the injection, so it wasnt as if i had missed a tablet, i was over the moon, but it was a shock as me and my gorgeous beautiful man, sorry!! had only been together just under a year, i was at college and had a full time job too. but it worked out so well, i would never have aborted even though i did everything to prevent us from having a child, wouldnt change him for the world.. big kisses reece james xxxxxxx


Amy from MN - October 22

I got pregnant while on the iud birth control. So mommy of 2 be careful!


Patty - October 23

What about antibiotics? Anyone had the pill made ineffective by usuing antibiotics?


teigan - October 24

it hasnt happened to me with the antibiotics but i know it can deffinatley happen, it mak3es the pill weaker, but i thnk you would hve to be very fertile like me to get pregnant, my hubby only looks at me and im pregnant lol. are you worried about getting pregnant patty? it happens to people but not alot, hope your not stressing yourself out about this xxx


m - October 24

my sister got preg while on the pill, she said she never missed any pills but she lost the baby around 5mo, it was a late miscarriage and she had to actually give birth to the baby, it was very sad.. Her water started leaking so they put her on bed rest and it didn't help, the baby was stillborn.


Patty - October 24

Teigan, really, I'm just wondering because it seems to happen so often and I don't understand it. M, so sorry to hear what's happened in your family. That is a true tragedy. I hope your sister is doing okay now.



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