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Julie - April 12

My husband and I are debating wether to find out if we are having a boy or a girl. We want to know to make us prepared but we don't want to ruin the surprise element of it all. What did you do? Were you glad with your decision?


nhb - April 12

We found out and happy we did; we had a boy, and were all prepared. I felt like I bonded w/ him better knowing what he would be named and that he was a boy. It definitely prepared us better! It was my first, but my husband's third--he already had two girls, and my mom had four girls, so we thought we were destined for a girl too; we were wrong!!


jb - April 12

With our first we did not. I think that is something so great to hear when the baby comes out. However, now we are pregnant with twins and in the same situation. I liked not knowing, the whole suspense. However, I think that it is going to be easier knowing, any suggestions for me?


tiffani - April 12

I found out with my first (a girl) and also with my second ( a boy) and now that we're pregnant with our third, and quite possibly our last child, I am going for the surprise. It's really a surprise no matter when you find out. You think you'll be better prepared if you sneek a peek, but if you think about it, you really don't have to do much preparing (gender specific preparing that is) before the baby arrives. Sure, you can deck the nursery out accordingly, but it can also be done afterwards. There are so many ways to look at this. I want to be surprised for once. This is coming from someone who snoops at her Christmas presents. My poor hubby has to hide them at my moms house now. Good luck in whatever you decide. A side note - no matter what they tell you you're having, you'll never know for sure until the baby arrives. Keep the tags on and save your receipts. :o)


Jenn... - April 12

I think it is great to find out. It is still a great suprise when they tell you at the ultrasound, it just comes about 20 weeks earlier! Also, I think it can really help you bond with your baby. You can start referring to him/her by name, picking out pinks or blues, and thinking of all the gender specific activities you have to look forward to. I am having a boy, and can't wait to finally have someone I can beat in sports ;) ...... I once read a message regarding this topic that was a really neat idea. If you would like to know in advance and still make an event out of the suprise here is something you can do: Ask the ultrasound tech to put in a sealed envelope what gender you will be having. Then give that to someone close to you with 20 bucks or so and have them buy something gender specific and wrap it up. You and hubby take that on a special dinner/night out or whenever you feel the time is right and make a moment of it.


tiffani - April 12

That's an awesome idea Jenn!


Jenn... - April 12

I thought so too Tiffani, however I did read about it until after I had found out I am having a boy. My sis-in-law just found out she is preggers so I am going to suggest it to her. Maybe she will let me be the first one to know :)


tiffnai - April 12

Your idea almost tempted me to find out. I am really fighting it this time, if for no other reason than to prove to my husband that I can hold out. I said I wouldn't find out with my other 2, and I did. Curiousity kills me!


Sonya - April 12

I understand your delima. We did not find out with our first child (son) and it was great. I am so glad we waited. We did a neutral nursery which we will now be able to use again (we are 14 weeks pregnant now). Most of the clothes for the first 1-2 months were neutral so that is great too. Now we are trying to decide with this pregnancy if we should find out. I want to , since we already waited for the first one but my husband does not want to find out. We'll see, we have a few weeks to decide.


Foxy - April 12

I was determined not to find out the s_x at the beginning, but now my scan is 2 weeks away and I'm impatient to find out. I suddenly feel an overwhelming urge to by my baby some clothes and I want to know whether to get pink or blue. My brother and his wife didn't want to know what they were having but they found out by accident. The p___s on their 21 week scan was unmistakable. :-) So, you might not have any choice.


amanda.d - April 12

I have never known and won't with this one.I have a friend who just had a baby boy and they knew what it was beforehand.When i was phoned i atomatically asked "What'd she have?" and then remembered, Oh Ya A Boy.I think it took away from getting details, we also knew what his name was before hand.I don't like knowing as i like surprises.


D - April 12

I agree with you amanda.d - I had completely settled in my mind that I'm not going to find out, unless the little guy/girl does some spread eagle maneuver at the u/s, and I can't miss it! Then I called my grandma last night. She is absolutely dead set that I have to find out asap because SHE wants to go shopping. Now, since she is actually one of my 2 least favorite people, I suppose this shouldn't influence me... BUT - she's 87 years old, has cancer and is just waiting to see where the next tumor pops up (brain, etc), and she's having all sorts of other health problems such as breaking a vertabrae in her back etc(fortunately, its healed now...). So - now I feel like I'm being mean if I don't find out, because what if she dies before the baby is born? Argh! She is the queen of guilt trips, and now she's got me on another one!


D - April 12

oh yeah, I forgot to mention the congestive heart failure...


Foxy - April 12

I figure it'll still be a surprise if I find out. It'll just come earlier. I really want to stop calling the baby just "It" and "The Baby".


Misty - April 12

Yeah I hate calling my baby "it". I am afraid to find out though since we tried to find out the first time and we were told the wrong thing. Finding out at 36 weeks you have no clothes for a boy is quite a shocker. Plus, I had cut all the tags out because I didn't want anything to itch my baby. We still have it all boxed up.


tina - April 12

i think it all depends on the circ_mstances and ur preferance. i am pregnant with my 4th, i already have 3 lil girls, and they are dead set on a boy. so i feel like we should find out just to give them time to prepare, just in case. i would hate for the nurses to bring out the baby and they say, "meet ur lil sister" and all 3 of my girls fall out on the floor crying!! so us finding out is more to prepare them for the possibility of another lil lady in the house.



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