Did You Go Past Your Due Date Did You Get Induced

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Rachel - October 31

Hi there ~ Just curious, for those of you that are already mommies, did any of you go past your due date? If so, how long? Did you go natural or get induced? Were there any complications? THANKS for any info and insight!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!


Jen - October 31

For me, I went into labor before my two days before my due date and had my son the day after. The only thing I can say about inductions is that the pitocin can cause real bad contractions.


sara - October 31

I went four days overdue and went into labor the day I was supposed to be induced!!! Guess she figured she'd pick her own birthday! LOL.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

I went 6 days over my due date and then went into labor on my own, they would have induced me the next day, si I was glad to have gone naturally. Everything went really well, I did not even have any kind of drugs.Pushed him out in about 6 pushes altogether, the doc did not even have his gloves and gown on. I was ready to get the kid out!LOL


PP - October 31

First baby I wnnt 10 days past my due date and was induced with pitocin...ouch. Second pregnancy the baby was breech so I had a scheduled C-section a week early.


Jodie - October 31

My first was 1 week over and i went naturally, my second was 13 days over and i was induced, thankfully i was already slightly dilated and they just broke my waters, an hour later contractions became quite strong and 3.5 hours after that my baby was born


teigan - November 1

i went 2 weeks over with my little boy, got inducd and still didnt work, had waters broken, drips inserted everything, he wasnt budging, but my god when it did start owwwww, it was to late for pain relief, i was swearing ALOT.. lol


M.A. - November 1

Last year I went into labor five days after the due date. I was induced with my first seven years ago, about a week or two late. But last year when I was a couple of days overdue, the doctor stuck his fingers way up in me(which hurt some) to help the mucus plug start to break. The next day I lost the plug. And about three days later I went into labor. I felt more comfortable, and safer for the baby doing it like that. I didn't know anything about that, but I'm glad he did. I had more of a peace of mind knowing I wouldn't have to be induced. I've heard things about what they use to induce. I was able to tell how my contractions felt, and when to call the doctor. With my seven year old I didn't even get to know what contractions were because there was constant pain. The labor was very easy compared to my first. I didn't even need an epidural until later in the delivery. And the baby pretty much did all of the work coming out.


M.A. - November 1

P.S- My total time in labor was eight GREAT hours last year. I'm going to talk to the doctor about helping to break the mucus plug with this one too!



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