Did You Smoke

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babyb - June 10

This is a poll. How many women out there smoked during pregnancy? If you smoked do you see any negative side effects of that cigarette smoking in your children?


HappyAsh - June 10

My mom smoked with me, I am 26 and not many issues really...just asthma, very mild only when I run, not when I work out moderately. She smoked with My 3 siblings also...my brother had a hole in his heart at birth but my sisters have nothing. Hope this helps.


babyb - June 10

Is Asthma in your family? Also i don't think a hole in the heart is smoking related. With my mom's generation everyone smoked while pregnant and she smoked with both me and my sister and there is absolutly nothing wrong with us. I am just interested in stats and what the truth really is. I have a huge family and unfortunatly all of them smoked with their kids which is approx 10 and there is nothing wrong with them either.


HappyAsh - June 11

No Asthma is not in my family.


clindholm - June 12

The thing about way back when and now is that cigarettes are loaded with alot more chemicals than they used to be. My mom smoked w/ us and I have bad allergies which is supposed to be related.


Krissy68 - June 12

clindholm - How have you been? Hey girl I just wanted to say AF found me yesterday at 3am and she came 5 days early. I also started the Vitex/B6 Fertility Recipe have anyone heard of this? I hope everyone have a great weekend. Krissy68


babyb - July 15

It has been 7 days since a cigarette!!!! wow and at the cost of never seeing my mother. But i feel good.


JANEYGEE18 - July 21

i went from 10 a day to 20 a day, brandon was 8lb 9oz,very healthy no problem, its so hard to stop x


missarose22 - July 21

I would say that just because others haven't had problems doesn't mean you couldn't. If you can stop then that would be best. Plus do you plan on smoking around the baby when he's born? And not just going into another room, like never smoking in your house? Smoking in a different room is the same as having your baby on your lap. So if you plan on smoking with your child in the house then there's no point in stopping now since you would have no regard for the child after he's born. My mom smoked with me and I was 5 pounds (low birth weight is a side affect) I also had asthma and allergies none of which run in my family.


Sulfate - July 25

Yes, I smoked with all 3 of my girls. I feel terrible about it, even though none of them have any problems because of it. I tried to quit with all 3 of them, but didn't manage it. I'm pregnant again and tomorrow's the day, I'm determined to quit this time. And I've never smoked in my house, I smoke outside and not in the vehicle.


babyb - July 29

Still smoke free!!!!!



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