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Anne - September 20

Can diet pills affect the process of getting pregnant? I've been trying to get pregnant but I'm also taking diet pills. Is it possible that the reason for me not getting pregnant are the pills???


brucen - September 20

If you are TTC you probably shouldn't be taking diet pills. It is very important to talk to your health care provider to determine if the diet pills you are taking is safe during this time. You will need to know that should you become pregnant these pills will not cause any harm in the early stage of pregnancy. Especially, since most women do not know that there are pregnant until several weeks after the fact.


Sabrina - September 21

Anne, Get off the diet pills NOW!!! Not only do they seriously hurt your body, they could cause malformations and/or a miscarriage.


Anne - September 21

Thank you for your answers, but it's not clear to me if it hurts de process. I know that they could hurt a baby, but it's before that I'am worried... Because this is our second time trying to get pregnant and the first time I took diet pills but I stopped this month to see if there is a difference...


kellie - September 21

anne you have to think about it this way would you put diet pills in your body while you are preg? Most likley not so therefore you dont want to put anything in your body that you would not while you are trying to concive......i do believe that i have read somewhere in the past that there are things in diet pills that can cause your body chemistry to be out of wack and it could have something to do with the fact that you are not getting preg...I will look for that artical again


Sabrina - September 22

Anne, it can take months for pills to complete; clear you system. You don't want to be taking them anytime close to when you are trying to get pregnant. You want a minimum of several weeks off them before you even think about trying. To know how they are screwingup your and your baby's body, we'd have to know which pills exactly you are taking. Then look up all the ingredients to see the possible effects. STOP TAKING THEM NOW!! THEY ARE NOT HELPING YOU!


Eva - September 22

You should not be taking diet pills or even dieting if you are seriously trying to get pregnant. You need to be eating healthy & taking prenatal vitamins.


x - September 23

i was on diet pills for 2-3 years before falling pregnant. i had not stopped taking them until I was 5 weeks into my pregnancy. I was very concerned about the effects that they might have had on my baby but there was little that could be done - it was too late. now i will just have to live with the consequences of my actions. my little one is due in 3 weeks. i just pray to Jesus that everything is fine! Stop taking them!!! you don't want to live with the fear of the unknown for 9 months and blame yourself for the rest of your life.


TO X - September 23

But did you know you were pregnant???


x - September 23

i found out i was pregnant at 5 weeks and had been taking the pills up until then - why?


x - September 23

if anyone can put my mind and heart at ease with any information or experience regarding the use of diet pills whilst pregnant and the chances of fetal abnormalities - PLEASE let me know!


April - September 23

I cant give any advse on this as I really dont know. If you were a couple weeks than I wouldnt worry but 5 weeks... I would be calling a doctor and asking. Trust what the doctor says. They will know. If you cant get a hold of a doctor maybe try a pharmacy. tell them which pills you were taking and maybe they can shed some light.



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