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ksmom - July 13

Hello Ladies, long story short, i m/c april 2006, first af june 9 2006 and nothing so far. I have irregular periods sometimes, so i dont know when my next one is due for sure. So here is my question, i had light brownish red in mymucus last week for 3 days could it be implantation? my next one is yesterday adn today i had a sharp pain in my right lower stomach to the side sort of thing. Could that be af? or ovulation? WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN AF PAIN AND OVULATION PAIN??


sahmof3 - July 13

I used to get those sharp pains when ovulating. I don't know what to make of the mucus thing, but good luck to you!!


ksmom - July 14

Thanks for replying, the pains are gone now, they lasted 2 days. I am going to wait a bit to see what happens, ive got a high temp today (i dont temp or chart or anything like that) kind of feeling icky....but i am going to stick it out and wait for a bit.


kimholl28 - July 14

I am so sorry about your miscarraige. Even with a long cycle if your last af was on June 9th then, you would be past ovulation. My cycles ar 38 days and I had last af the 21st and am just now ovulating. The brown spotting does sound like implantation. Did you have this with the miscarriage? Not every women will get it. Also after a miscarriage it is not uncommon to have spotting while your body gets back to normal. You could probably confirm with a test now.


ksmom - July 14

Thanks Kim, with my m/c i didnt know i was pregnant, i had an u/s to see if i was but they never told me the answer, 2 weeks later i m/c. I just thought it was af coming and then i pa__sed 2 clots and went to the doctor, he comfirmed it was m/c. ive had brown spotting the first pregnancy (i wrote everything down so i would know what happens next time-it was in 2002) so i could just wait till next month to see if i get af and if i dont then i should test? well im told dh i was going to clinic next week while he was at work to get tested. but thanks for your response.



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