Difficulty Breathing Long

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Bonnie - September 30

Guys I have a new problem I need some help with. I'm finding that I can't seem to breath as easy. I've heard that when people near the end sometimes it gets difficult to breath as there is no room. I am already finding that out now and I am only 24 weeks! One problem is probaby the size of me. I look about 8 months pregnant and really no idea why. I've only gained 10 pounds total and I measure fine at the docs office (they never mention me looking big). And I've had a diabetes test and a scan so baby is normal. For some reason I've just seemed to show more. It is definately worse when I lay down and even more so if I lay on my back. I'm trying my best to lay on my side, propped up a bit. But sometimes even then I can't seem to get enough oxygen. It's really scary and I panic when it gets very bad. If I'm this way already, what's going to happen to me in the next 3 months? I've found that with my pregnancy my nose is clogged most of the time. Normally that doesn't bother me as I breath better through my mouth anyway. (I've always said if I got kidnapped and gagged, I would suffocate, lol.) But with pregnancy, I can;t get enough air with my mouth alone. I've been taking a nasal spray at night which is the only thing that will get me enough air in. But they are addicting and I hate using them. My doctor just looks confused and doesn't see why pregnancy interferes with my breathing. He prescribed me an allergy nose spray which does nothing. I may go for a second opinion I think as it seems to get worse the bigger I get. I'm not asthmatic and have never had this issue before pregnancy. I have a whole new repect for people though who do have asthma! It's hard to even describe the feeling of breathing and not enough air coming in. It really scares me! Has ANYONE else gone through this at all when you got bigger?? If so, what did you do?


nikinoo - September 30

bonnie!! You have picked a great thread to start as I for one am experiencing the same thing! Some days I go for long walks and be fine and other days I can get up to go outside and lose my breath so much I gota sit down and get it back again! Im an asthamatic, have been all my life...but its a very different feeling to breathlessness! Im not weezing or choking for air its more so lots of pressure on my lungs! It doesnt trigger my asthama off at all, although sometimes I take my ventolin just to give me rea__surance! Maybe ask your doctor if you can use an inhaler during your pregnancy maybe to take some of the pressure away, but then again your probably best to grin and bear...the baby should drop sound and that will give you a breath of fresh air as your lungs arent so squished by bub! Do you find having s**ual relations also makes it hard to breath? I have to ask my partner to stop and give me a minute lol...are you having a boy or a girl? maybe its also the way we are carrying cause with my first which was a girl I got breathless round 30-35wks and this time Im having a boy and my breathlessness started at 21wks Im now 23wks. Anyway good luck hope to hear from you soon.....:o)


M.A. - September 30

I've been going through this for two or three weeks now. Nothing seems to help, and I'm not going to spray something up my nose. I hated that before, and any little thing I may take scares me for the baby. I had this when I was pregnant last year, and my mom reminded me that I went for walks. So a couple of nights ago my husband and I went for a short walk around our culdesac. It helped a little, but I didn't do it for long. I find that taking slow, deep breaths on schedule help a little. I'm only 15 weeks, so I'm not sure what my problem is. I'm just trying to deal with it.


pbj - September 30

Your doctor probably looks at you confused because he's probably thinking that you're answering your own question. You say it gets harder to breathe as you get bigger, since you're a tiny woman you would maybe feel it earlier than some. The baby/uterus are pressing on your diaphram making it harder to breathe. A lot of women are congested through their entire pregnancy (including me), it's not unusal and there's probably not much you can do about it. As far as the breathing goes, sit up straight, if you slouch you'll notice it gets even harder. As far as lying down, I would a__sume that you're not lying on your back as you should've stopped doing that at about 14 weeks; so lie down on your left side and when that doesn't help, prop up some pillows, it usually helps me. I have some friends that could never lay in bed and they slept in a lazy boy throughout their pregnancies, you may need to do something similar. But don't panic, it's normal, just try to take slow, deep breaths. Just remember too, it will get worse, but then in your last month or so the baby will drop and then you'll go back to having to pee all the time, and it hurts cause the baby's head will bump your bladder.(not a great feeling)



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